Wild Garlic


Besides foraging, does anyone know a local shop selling wild garlic?


Grows like a weed in our garden but very nice


Have amazing wild garlic from @FHFoodAssembly. I actually eat it like sweets :joy::joy:

I’ll order some for next week & save you a little bag to try Jason :+1:


Fabulous. I’ll do an order.


Interestingly (or perhaps not!) Telegraph Hill used to be called Plow’d Garlick Hill. Apparently there is still a lot of wild garlic growing in some off the areas around the nature area next to the railway.


No order needed Mr, I’ll share my massive (and it is a massive bag) bag with you next week xx


Try Jones of Brockley opposite Crofton Park station. He had some last weekend.


Will not try the wild garlic Brett because I get it from my @FHFoodAssembly but are they still doing them amazing thin cheese toast crackers, if they are I’ll have to make a trip down there :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


They do have a good cracker selection as do Provender.


Might have to take a trip down there for crackers xx


If are going to Jones then it would be a shame not to get some cheese to go with those crackers!


Thanks love. I’ll order one though. I like to make wild garlic soup and pesto and freeze it.


Loads in my garden



Hey Jason, I’ve ordered some wild garlic so pop in on Friday or Saturday to try it. There’s also wild garlic plants this week if you want to start growing your own :slight_smile:


Brewing wild garlic, leek, & chickpea soup right now… My kitchen smells nice!

Damn, I need to turn it off now for bedtime but the aromas are :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Must have recipe.


Picked some wild garlic from garden, linguine, chopped bacon, button mushrooms, plum tomatoes, pesto and shaved parmetto regiano. Stuffed!


Happy to share Mr xx


Recipe please :+1: