Wild swimming spot Beckenham Place Park



I’ve just read this morning that Beckenham Place Park is to become a natural wild swimming spot . Can’t wait for this. Would have thought this would have been Bromley Borough though?


It’s geographically Bromley but there are historic reasons why Lewishsm ended up with responsibility for it.

I’ve been watching them work on the new lake and wet woodland while walking my dog. I think it’s going to be a great asset to the area.


I knew about it but have been waiting for it. Can’t wait for it to be completed!


Looks like the lake is nearly completed and it will be filled in after Christmas

More information here


It’s coming along:


Behold - the Costa Del Lewisham:


I can’t wait for this to be ready!


Beautiful video:


Some impressive work they’re doing, to be sure.

Funny that in order to create the video, someone must have broken the Lewisham by-laws about flying drones above parks, though.