With record high levels of atmospheric carbon, how to preserve our trees in London?

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In recent news, atmospheric carbon levels are at an alarming high.

We need a serious change in culture to ensure we’re protecting our trees and planting more. Boris oversaw the planting of a record 20,000 street trees, although some were chopped down too under his mayoralty (anyone have numbers?).

:information_source: Sadiq’s voting record on environmental issues

Sadiq needs to beat the record set by Boris. He’s pledged to plant 2M trees. We need to hold him to this promise.

He certainly hasn’t defended our Honor Oak trees. Or planted any trees, in fact:

Khan also pledged to avoid building on the green belt. We need to make sure he keeps this promise too.

It’s up to us to hold him to account and to vote him out in the next election if he fails to deliver his promises.

:information_source: Sadiq’s contact information

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