Wood floor fitter needed - recommendations welcomed!

Hi, I’m looking to have engineered wood flooring installed (glued down rather than floating) and was looking for some recommendations for a local floor fitter (is that what they’re called?). Thanks for your help.

We used a guy called Ruslan to fit engineered oak floors a couple of times. He was good and very tidy +44 7710 683054

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And if anybody could provide info on pricing that would be good too, I’m a complete noob at these things, and online info seems to vary. Do people charge a day rate or charge per sqm?

We had Ruslan in twice once to do the floors downstairs and then a year or two later to do the bedroom. He just charged a set rate for labour and extra materials (nosing, plywood etc - we’d bought the flooring ourselves. It was about £700 to lay a smallish (but awkwardly shaped) bedroom, area outside the bathroom and small landing area

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That’s really helpful, thank you @Suze :smiley:

We have got parquet flooring fitted by
Alpine flooring. Dan Miller 07759443858.
He is a very pleasant man & has workmanship us excellent. Not particularly cheap though.