Woolstone Road 'Closed'?

For the last 3 days (at least) there have been road closed signs from the junction / roundabout of Perry Rise down to Houston Road, and seemingly past it.

There does not appear to be any work going on in the first section anyway, and the signs are on the side of the road not in the middle.

Cars, bikes etc seems to still be going up and down as normal - have these signs be left by accident, or put out too far ahead of works.does anyone know?

I know quite a few roads are being closed for works (water I think) but just seems odd to have signs out for so long with no sign of anything happening.

Edit, Google maps seem to suggest it is closed:

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It even says ‘Road Closed until July 2022’ on Google.

In other news, why is All Weather Roofing’s pin icon a public toilet sign?


WOOLSTONE ROAD: From 08:00 Monday 18 April to 16:00 Friday 08 July, route 75 is on diversion between Catford Hill and Perry Vale via Perry Hill and Perry Rise due to water works.

Thats a long closure!

Does the 75 now go all the way down Perry Rise to Perry Hill, straight over to the turning circle beyond Sainsburys and back to turn right onto Perry Hill? And do diverted buses stop on their diverted route?


Nearly 3 month closure for the whole road seems a lot…and seems odd assuming Houston / Cranston Road stay open.

So in theory this is day 5 of the closure, and 4 days of diverted buses so far? Hmmm.

:grin: Unfortunate! I’m always tickled by Google’s pub icon – an elegant-looking martini glass. Not really appropriate for some of the dodgy pubs I’ve been into…

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Because you need them when it is peeing it down outside (and in)!

Thames Water engineers are fixing new supply pipes to the houses to replace any existing lead pipes.

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As a regular user of the 75 bus, such a long closure is quite annoying. When I walked along Woolstone Road yesterday evening though, it was great to see quite a lot kids of different ages using the road closure to enjoy playing, roller skating and riding bikes in the road in the sunshine. Would be great to have some traffic free areas locally for kids to do this normally.


the thing is - I think they did this on the road I live on in 2-3 days. I know Woolstone is longer and wider, but I still suspect the job will take a lot less than 3 months. Perhaps it will… or perhaps it’s closed ‘in preparation’ for the work.

They did water meters a while back, could or have been that and perhaps replacing lead pipes is a bigger job?

Anyway, I hear some parts of Perry Village are enjoying this ‘LTN’ :wink:

No idea where Perry Village is… but I’m sure the local residents will find this a treat.

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Interesting. How do you know if your old lead pipes have been replaced or not?!

I find the general way is if Thames Water say they have, they haven’t. (When they did it in my street it turned out they actually just closed off one of the pipes in the street so both sides used the same)

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Nothing to do with Woolstone Road but…

Perry Village isn’t on this list, still trying to find an old map or book with any mention of it. They do have a pub and a church though.

I don’t expect the supply pipes replacement to take more than a few days. But we are having difficulty with the drain at the corner with Vancouver Road. It may be that work on the drains/sewer will also be done.

This 1870’s map has appeared on this forum a couple of times.


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There’s nothing showing for Woolstone Road on Thames Water’s website (neither on the long-term improvements page nor the short-term improvements page).

There’s also nothing on the London Register of Roadworks website, although interestingly it does show work on Selworthy and Winsford Roads near Bell Green: “Siting of welfare unit for lead pipe replacement operatives” and “Works to carry out 82 customer service relays as part of the Thames water lead pipe replacement program.”


We’ve had the same latter. Works have been underway for several weeks on nearby roads.
Restrictions were only on parking though, so maybe works on Woolstone are different.

On the topic of road closures, does anyone know what’s happening with Brockley Grove at Crofton Park? The small building at the corner (housing a well-known estate agent) got damaged a while ago and ever since the road has been closed towards Ladywell, with the P4 being diverted. I hope they’re not waiting for some sort of court order before doing away with the damage.