Works at A205 Junction with Dartmouth/London Road

We’re not traffic flow experts, but the current temporary traffic light set up and re-routing of cars to the wrong-side of the road feels a bit slip-shod. This morning we saw pedestrians who were crossing to/from Forest Hill Station being caught unawares by traffic suddenly appearing where they didn’t expect it. Hope whatever the problem is is sorted quickly.

I know some businesses lost water yesterday, but I can’t actually see any works going on today - hopefully is fixed and the contraflow will be removed shortly:

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I walked past at 9:30 last night, and the Thames Water contractors were finishing up and removing their barriers, so I suspect we are waiting on a different contractor to remove the current temporary traffic light setup (which is causing a bit of chaos).


It looks like everything has now been removed and things are getting back to nomal:


It appears that there are more issues at the junction again!
When I went out for the first time foday about 5.30pm I noticed that the traffic on the South Circular going towards Forest Hill was tailing back to almost the Brockley Rise junction! Having checked the TfL website they’re showing the following details: