Works on Ewart Road Estate

As a Ewart Road Estate resident we have lots of questions and concerns about the major works that have been going on for the last couple of years now, and was wondering if anyone knows of any residents group or likewise for people to discuss?

Have had lots of contact with the contractors, council and estate office, but would be great to speak to some fellow residents as well…


Hi Luke, I’ve just moved into Firs Close and understand that the people we bought from used to be part of some kind of residents management board, they seemed to have more information on the works than your standard resident

Thanks Evelyn, and welcome to Firs Close! I will follow up to see how I can be part of the residents management board.


there is a leaseholder group that we put together for the works as there are many concerns in regard these works.
if you are a tenant then best to contact Joyce in the office or contact Tyrone the liaison officer. if you don’t have his number Joyce in the office will be able to give it to you.

If you are a leaseholder, Send me your email address I can put you in contact with some of the other leaseholders. not sure if there is a way to PM me your email address.


Hi Mary, not sure if you received the DM with my email? Would love to be added to the email list, am already in contact with Tyrone and Joyce.

Hi Luke and Mary

I’d love to be added to the group too but I can’t seem to find the function to message you my email. Can you message me then I can message back?

We are in Malham Road. About two years ago there were a couple of meetings of leaseholders to discuss the major works (can’t remember the names of the Estate reps but I can find out). Unfortunately, there haven’t been updates from the group since the major works started. I was actually asking my partner today why we haven’t been asked to do an online meeting with the other leaseholders… on a slightly positive note, scaffolding was just removed here!

HI Mary, not sure if you received the direct messages, but please do add me to the list you mentioned - my email is