x3 IKEA 2 Seater Sofas

Hi all,

We have three IKEA 2 seater sofas which will be up for grabs over the next couple of weeks.

They are all about 2m long, and in varying used states. Each must be over 6 or 7 years old, being passed down to us through various family house moves. Fundamentally they are solid and free of structural damage, and we’re not looking for any money for them.

One is white, one is dark grey, and the last is a sort of brown/creamy colour which is also a pull out Sofa bed.

For a contacless collection during the eased lockdown, if someone was interested in taking one or more of the sofas, I could leave them in the hallway of our flat complex and buzz you in so you could reverse up to the front door and collect?

We have now ordered a new sofa, which is due to arrive in 2 weeks time (I’ve just been informed) so I’m hoping to keep the dark grey one, up until the point of delivery of the new sofa, but in the meantime, begin offering out the other 2 sofas to anyone who is interested.

The White sofa is ready to go. It’s been disassambled and is ready for collection. The sofa bed can also be disassembled and made ready for collection asap as well.

I will post photos in due course.

Thanks all,


Do you have picture or the model names ?

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