Young Lewisham Project - A lovely local story that we wanted to share!

The Young Lewisham Project’s Saturday Bicycle Group have been busy of late doing up a bicycle for a local resident, who sadly had his bike stolen from his garden shed. ​ We learnt about Adrian’s misfortune from the local police community support officer, Andrea who put us in touch with him. ​ Adrian came down to the project and chose an old bike that had been donated to us and the young people have spent quite a few Saturday afternoons restoring it for him. ​ We’ve recently presented the restored bike to Adrian, whose delighted to have his own set of wheels again. ​

Please get in touch with us if you have an old bike you no longer use, our young people would love to have the opportunity to repair and restore it to it’s former glory, so it can be used by people in the UK and Africa who would make great use of it.


Brilliant bit of news and a fantastic effort!!


Thanks! :grin: