YoungPlanet App

I’m consciously trying to re-use/ recycle more. I have two kids and there is a lot of stuff that could go on and have another life with other families once we’ve finished with it.

I’ve discovered You list items you are happy to give away for free. I’ve successfully given away a brand new paddling pool to a new mum that we never got round to using. I’ve just today listed a nappy bin.

You can’t sell items but I’ve seen people putting age appropriate clothes bundles on there and all sorts. All helps :earth_africa: and helps those that are struggling too.


Freecycle has also worked well for is

Agree. I just found this app a bit less of a jumble sale and much easier.

Oh and it’s just for kids things.


Ah, cheers. Have plenty of kids stuff so this could be useful in future.