Zipcars everywhere


Is it just me, or is there a sudden influx of zipcars in the area? Most of them seem to be the new eGolf (though I don’t often see them being charged).

Seems like a great thing if it can reduce traffic or pollution.


Long term Zipcar (and its predecessors) user.

The Golf ecars are part of the “flex” system. You use an app to track locations of vehicles, book 'em, pick it up, use it and drop it off at any legitimate parking spot within the controlled zone. That zone has been growing and expanding southward and the app tells you the boundaries.

For that service you pay by the minute.

Not unusual to see around 8 or 9 vehicles in the vicinity


About a year ago zipcar launched zipcar flex, which allows users to leave cars almost anywhere. I’m sure the service has grown, but it could also be that some of your neighbours have just started using it and leaving cars in the area.


why is this tagged brexit? german cars who will be losing their right to work in the UK?


I’ve removed the brexit tag. No idea why that was added - perhaps a mistake by someone.


Here’s a question, is it hard to get the cars when you want them? I’m assuming everyone wants them on a Saturday morning.


There are two systems. The round trip cars are always in same place and can be reserved in advance. The flex system you pick up wherever they are and drop wherever you want to be (within range) which were described by others above. These can only be reserved 15/30 mins in advance to allow you to find it. So can’t plan as far in advance.


I’ve never struggled to get a vehicle but have needed on occasion to walk 30 mins to get one!


They’re pretty good - I use them as it’s cheaper than Uber and you don’t need to fret about appeasing terrible cab drivers for a 5* rating!

Most I’ve walked for one is around 10 minutes. Sometimes pick them up in strange conditions (blatant smoking, wrappers all over the place) but on the whole I think they’re pretty helpful for those of us who are sensible enough not to own a car, but who still need them on occasion.


The impression that there is an increasing number of Zipcars may also have to do with the fact that their newer cars all appear to carry branding, whereas the older ones they replaced didn’t.

On that note, as a Zipcar user I was less than impressed that they have taken the car based in Agnew Road off their fleet with no replacement planned for the foreseeable future, and without any warning notice or even refunds for subscribers living locally who relied on that car and have paid a full year membership fee based on it being available. Their customer service relating to that issue has been dreadful to say the least - it has taken weeks just to find out why the car was no longer there. Worse than that, the company still advertises a car based at this location on Google Maps and their (non-membership) website!


Ah - that makes sense. I looked on the Zipcar site and it didn’t list several cars I’d walked past. I guess I was either looking at the fixed locations or marketing material (from later comments!).


Could be for a number of reasons as you suggest.

However in the 15 minute reservation window, the vehicle will not appear in the app search.

Only the app shows the flex cars so if you are using a PC based search - flex cars will not appear.

And most of all - you must ensure you have not narrowed your app search to “Round Trip” cars or vice versa.

Once you get used to it - it works well.