Archived on 6/5/2022

Archie Parker

11 Jul '16

Spent the morning in the Archie Parker (Dartmouth Road), nice to see @Simon, @Zoleipar and Tara (V22). Very friendly place, good coffee and food, and decent 8 Mbps wifi.

Cheers for taking in my printer for the community library

For those that don’t know, one of the co-founders of Archie Parker is Simon Hickson, of Trev and Simon fame!

11 Jul '16

Nice one Chris, thanks so much :+1::+1:

25 Apr '19
23 Jul '20
13 Aug '20

Zoe at The Archie Parker is amazing!!!
We love going there for our daily hot beverages and weekly lunch treats.
They are dog friendly which is a bonus and Zoe ALWAYS has treats for our 14-year old terrier
A “must try” if you live in the neighbour!!!

28 Oct '20

Had the best chicken toasted sandwich I’ve ever had in Archie Parker yesterday.

It was so good to see them all.

It’s really very tough times for local shops and cafes, and I feel it’s important to support them, so they are still there if we ever emerge from the Lockdown.

It’s also good to get out of the house and get that dose of vitamin D.

12 Apr '21

Archie Parker’s rear garden is open again. Nice to be able to sit down and have their nice food and coffee.