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Plumber Recommendations
8 Nov '19

Previous Recommendations 2016-2019:

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AFE Plumbing Services @Aria_Ebrahimy 07739 734895 @Garfield, @ChrisBeach, @thewrongtrousers, @BringOutTheCranston, @BingBong, @Camilla
:warning: 2 complaints
Plummy Plumbers website @RachaelDunlop
DPG Plumbing and Gas website @Jessie
Gerry McCormick @gmac 07872 303925 @robin.orton
Dan Chambers website @tandytwo
Greg Gas website @Stammers, @oakr, @Pea, @applespider

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20 Jan '20


Just had AFE plumbing coming to change a couple of taps. Brilliant communication, nice chaps, everything was easy. Will use their services again next time I need a plumber.

5 Feb '20

We have just had Dan and his guys from AFE plumbing to fix a leak. Really friendly guys, got straight to the problem and fixed it in no time. Would definitely use them again.

13 Apr '20

AFE Plumbing came recently to have a look at our leaking shower. Aria coordinated everything and they came very quickly and fixed the problem. Aria also recommended Mic to fix our bath panel, which had been incorrectly installed by someone else. Mic also came quickly and did a great job. Will certainly use AFE Plumbing again if we have any further plumbing issues.

1 Jun '20

Hi all. I’d like to add another piece of positive feedback for Aria and team. We have had a few minor issues over the years (Leaky toilet, immersion heater element replacement etc.) and I have come to use AFE as my primary point of contact for all plumbing issues. Aria is always quick to respond and keen to arrange someone to come out at short notice. Unfortunately my experience with many plumbers is that they are often trying to squeeze you for extra money, taking their time to complete work, adding excessive mark up to parts, however I’m pleased to say that I have found Aria to be extremely honest and fair. All jobs are quoted up front in a very transparent way and there have never been any shocks when it has come to pay for the job. I would certainly recommend Aria and team to anyone in the Dulwich/ Forest Hill/ Honor Oak area.

4 Aug '20

Just to keep this thread up to date, I have found AFE helpful and reliable, used them twice now (second time last week) and would do again.

23 Aug '20

:-1: for AFE from me.

Very polite and all that, but turned up late, rushed the job and wanted paying handsomely by bank transfer ASAP. Found job hadn’t been done properly a bit after they rushed off.

Noticed then that all I had was a name and phone number (+ bank account). Couldn’t find an address or anything for teh business. Who had I just let into my house?

Hoped to God they would come back to make good, but they wanted more money. Job still not done quite right, but I don’t want anything more from them so didn’t chase again.

They asked me to add a recommendation here before I had asked them to come back and fix it again :woman_shrugging:

23 Aug '20

I’ve used them twice. The first time they were fine… the second time I thought they charged rather a lot for what was a very small job and they left a lot of mess - the old bath mixer tap was just left in our bathroom sink, and mud all over the bathroom floor and all up the stairs.

26 Aug '20

Afraid I had a very similar negative experience from AFE… Super polite when he arrived to quote, keen to get on and do the job, and judging by the positive reviews on this site, I didn’t have any concerns. I needed them to install a kitchen sink, tap and dishwasher and they told me this could be done without any issues.

Unfortunately, I was unable to meet them onsite on the agreed date due to illness, so sent my brother in my stead (this was a few weeks ago). Despite telling me (when they came to quote) that they could sort the plumbing for the kitchen tap without the worktop being in place, they claimed on the day that this couldn’t be done (without the worktop) but still charged me for the service!

All in all, they installed the sink, didn’t fully install the dishwasher (something that was apparent to us two days later when we wondered why the dishwasher was not sitting flush with other units) and didn’t install the tap. I will hold my hands up and say there was miscommunication between my brother and I, as a result of him stepping in at the last minute, and not fully understanding that AFE were required to install the tap. Confusion realised when I returned to the flat two days later and noticed tap hadn’t been installed despite AFE having charged me for this.

The thing that got me was AFE knew I couldn’t be onsite due to illness, and on that very evening, Aria texted me to confirm that they had completed all work as per the quote, and that there were no issues. At no point during those comms, did he allude to the fact that they hadn’t installed the tap, so I was none the wiser. I find this to be rather deceptive. He also asked at this point, if I’d leave him a recommendation - needless to say, I haven’t.

When I then got in touch with them (two days later) to ask why the tap hadn’t been installed, and why I had been charged for this service, I was told that it was my fault the worktop wasn’t in place, and that by charging me, they considered this a ‘cancellation fee’, despite the fact that they were not solely called out to install the tap alone. AFE then offered (for another £80) to revisit to install my tap (now that worktop was in place) as well as looking at the issue with the dishwasher. I personally thought this was unbelievable, given I should not have been charged for tap installation, and the issue with the dishwasher was a result of them not installing it properly.

Following lots of to-ing and fro-ing, AFE refused to budge saying I was rightly charged for a service I didn’t receive, and that they wouldn’t return unless I paid an additional fee. So I contacted a family friend who is a plumber (not local to FH, and lives outside London) and he offered to pop down to install the tap and look at the issue with dishwasher for £50, something which I thought was a no-brainer seeing as I knew I could trust him, and quite frankly, I thought it was unethical that AFE had charged for a service I hadn’t received, so I didn’t really want to line their pockets any further.

Despite Aria pushing me to allow him to return to my property to ‘fix’ the issues, I let him know that a family friend would help instead. He then stated that as a ‘goodwill gesture’ he would cover 50% of the cost of me having to call a plumber out (basically £25 which I didn’t think cut it). I replied to say a ‘goodwill gesture’ would be that he returns the money I paid for the non-existent tap installation, to which he agreed to refund me £40, which I was happy with. Minus the reduction, I paid £200 for a sink to be installed, and a half-installed dishwasher – I don’t consider this great value for money. I won’t be using AFE again, nor will I be recommending their services. Upon returning my £40, Aria told me if I ever required his services in future, he’d offer me a ‘discount’.


27 Aug '20

Same here. :-1: Poor experience from AFE. At first they were keen to do the work then just stopped answering calls.

1 Sep '20

Hi all. Just to add to this. I’ve used AFE a few times now and unfortunately won’t be doing so again. To echo the comments of other users, Aria is a nice guy and comes across as very genuine and honest. Often someone is able to come out at short notice and in terms of cost he is much cheaper than the likes of Pimlico (who in my opinion are outrageously expensive).

While this all sounds positive it all breaks down when it comes to actually doing the work as more often than not the people who come round do not seem to know what they are doing. On at least one occasion I have felt like I have had to tell them what needs doing rather than taking their advice which, given I know next to nothing about plumbing, is pretty concerning.

1 Sep '20

We won’t be using Pimlico again. Horrible experience.

6 Sep '20

and yet, you would still use them again?

7 Sep '20

I wouldn’t…

8 Sep '20

Sorry, I confused you with a previous poster!

31 Jul '20

I would like to add that we did have Gerry @Gmac around recently to do some plumbing work for us and he was absolutely brilliant! We got his recommendation from here. Top Irish guy! So he needs to stay in the recommended list, can’t recommend him enough!

We contacted another plumber that was recommended on here who took our call once and then decided to ignored our calls when we had emergency work and he was highly recommended by a lot of people on here… :grimacing:

21 Oct '20

Hi All

Giving back now, as I’ve relied on recommendations from this forum so hoping this will help.

We used Daniel Swiercz of DPG Plumbing & Gas (07834699029) based upon a previous recommendation on this forum. DPG replaced our system boiler with a combi boiler and first fix/second fix our kitchen plumbing and cooker.

Dan was extremely patient as I had lots of questions and the work was completed to an exceptional standard.

Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


18 Nov '20

We’ve recently used a new plumber - Greg. Super impressed as he picked up on things another plumber had got wrong and were causing us issues. Very friendly guy. He’s gas safety registered too.

24 Jan '21

We called Aria at AFE Plumbing recently to upgrade our bathroom.

Can I just say what an amazing local service! Very polite responsive and helpful with choosing bathroom equipment and giving professional advice on what to fit and what not to fit and did the whole bathroom including plastering and electrical works and tiling and decorating and got the boiler serviced too, can’t recommend enough everything was done professionally, Aria made sure all went well and they even changed all the bad plumbing done by the previous builders too to be safe.

Everything is working fantastically and all is accessible and we cant thank Aria and AFE Plumbing services enough, had them do my kitchen tap too few weeks after, again another fantastic service someone who genuinely cares about the local community and is always available and quick to repaond and is local too!

Couldn’t ask for more, brilliant service and will be sure to use them again for any future works and will also recommend them to all my local friends and family.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Best wishes!


24 Jan '21

Note it’s best practice to check the profile of reviewers. Are they verified? If not, have they been active in the forum, in other areas and topics, before posting the review? A first time user who reviews a company may not be a local resident, but may represent the company or its competition. While this does not mean the review is not genuine, it does call into question the reliability of the recommendation.

24 Jan '21

My experience with Aria was shocking. Even now I’ve continued to have issues with the dishwasher installation despite Aria being paid £200. Glad to hear yours was better than mine…

24 Jan '21

Sorry to hear about your issues.

They guys came in, did my bathroom refit to a high standard , easy communication and very helpful at advising what would suit best for our needs.

Can’t recommend aria and AFE enough.

Will be using them for further works planned to the flat.

24 Jan '21

good for you

25 Jan '21

I need a bathroom fitter, but this most recent review is no more convincing than an ‘quote’ on a website or an actor reading out an endorsement.

This could just be me being excessively cynical, but I just wonder what makes someone register for a site they have never previously registered for in order to post a glowing review.

Or to use a different site they have also never posted on before to post the same review 4 times.

25 Jan '21

07739 734 895 Plumbing service not operating fully due to lockdown difficulties but we are genuine, offer a plumbing and bathroom service, with 20 years experience and have made some changes to personnel too and try our best to help the local community as best we can and if we can’t will always try to recommend someone who can that is trusted.

Best regards and best wishes to everyone!


25 Jan '21

Bit naughty to push your own company but slag off others , Pimlico plumbers have been about for a number of years in South London so must be doing something right?
Your company don’t exactly get Glowing reviews across local forums .

25 Jan '21

I’ve had both good and less amazing experiences from Aria’s company…
But I would agree Pimlico are truly awful. If you look them up their reviews are pretty good. And that’s cos they ruthlessly report any negative reviews and dispute that you were ever a customer and get them taken down. I left a negative review (was charged over £500 to replace a flow valve in the toilet, leaving a toilet that flushed very slowly and feebly), they removed the cistern and didn’t tighten it, causing a flood. My negative review was reported and taken down on two occasions and I had to show proof of my invoice to get it put back. They offer a discount if you give very positive reviews and get negative ones removed, rather than offering a trustworthy service.

22 Feb '21

We wouldn’t use Pimlico again.

25 Feb '21

Massive recommendation for Greg Gas from me too. We’ve had 3 plumbers previously look at our heating issue and Greg solved it. He doesn’t give up and is friendly and punctual.

25 Feb '21

I really like Rhodes Plumbing in East Dulwich. They installed two boilers for us and did a great job. Very helpful and made a big effort to save us money. Will be continuing to use them.

9 Mar '21

I’d also like to add to @Pea and @Stammers recommendation for Greg from

He came around today as we had an issue with the gas on our hob, identified the issue quickly and not only that called the emergency gas line for us, who then came around within 2 hours (for free) and fixed the issue.

Not only that he gave us some great advice on a few other issues and was a genuinely nice guy. We’ll use him again and I’d heartily recommend him to others.

13 Mar '21

Greg Gas definitely goes above and beyond. He wired my zonal heating controls and then emailed me manuals for all the devices!

13 Mar '21

Yes he is great, we are going to need to make some changes and he is definitely the person we will be getting back! It’s great to have people you can trust like him.

13 Mar '21

Ah glad you like him. Just so so helpful and seems v trustworthy too. He was recommended from our fave builder which helped too.

29 Jul '21

I’m also going to add my recommendation for Greg Gas. He popped around today to do a new tap and fix my cistern. Very reasonable, tidied everything up as he went and all good. Great chat too… Thanks Greg!

4 Feb '22

I can NOT recommend this plumber. I hired Gerry to remove a radiator from my upstairs room in December, order to redecorate. Next day I noticed it was leaking and called him. He said not to worry - I should ‘wrap a towel around it’ and would come the next day. I was up most of the night changing towels and newspaper to control the leak. Garry came, fixed the seal and and I showed him the considerable damage to the ceiling of the room below. He promised he would get his decorator to remedy it. Now, a month later he has not responded to text or phone call and I find he has blocked me. The repairs are going to cost me around £350 if I am lucky. I am literally shocked. No one on EDF who has recommended him appears to have anything apart from his first name and his number.

4 Feb '22

Hi @Local1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, but could you be specific as to which plumber you had difficulty with?

4 Feb '22

Hi, thanks

The plumber is Gerry McCormick - who is mentioned in the thread already.