Archived on 6/5/2022

Lewisham: Future Management and Maintenance of Parks and Open Spaces to be ‘insourced’ in 2021

5 Dec '19

Continuing the discussion from Blythe Hill Fields - any park improvements in 2019?:

From the Friends of Blythe Hill Fields AGM minutes I noticed the following statement:

parks services would be returning in-house to be managed by the Council, with Glendale ceasing to manage borough parks

And indeed Lewisham previously produced a report with recommendations on 10th October, when a decision was made to follow the report’s recommendations.

Specifically from the Decision details page:

I guess the decision is a little woolly with the sentence “subject to further detailed consideration”, and notably the Glendale representative at the Friends of Blythe Hill Fields AGM is at least minuted as saying that insourcing would happen in October 2020 - the original date when Glendale’s contract was due to complete.

Either way, this could be an interesting change to how parks and open spaces in Lewisham are managed in the future.