Archived on 6/5/2022 All-Time Favourite Photo

18 Jul '20 attracts incredible local photographers. I’ve picked out my top ten favourite photos from the forum so far (see below). Our #photos topics are a goldmine.

I’ve tried to pick photos that have technical merit and uniqueness, as opposed to photos of other people’s artwork or sunsets (although that’s not to say that sunset photos aren’t amazing!)

How about a poll to find our members’ favourite all-time photo?

To nominate your favourites, other than the ones I’ve chosen, please reply with a max of ten per person.

20 Jul '20

I’ll list some of mine - some of these are ones I remembered and looked for - hopefully this works below!

  1. @armadillo photos of fox cubs
  1. @Timmo44 photo of 2 foxes, one sneeky one in the background. This was the first photo I thought of. There was also another close up fox (called Winnie I think) but I thought this is enough foxes!
  1. @Foresthillnick classic Robin shot
  1. @ThorNogson Stag beetle - I’ve yet to see one but love knowing they are around through photos like these
  1. Another from @Foresthillnick - Cherry blossom covered in snow.
  1. @clausy 's photo of the now departed Bell Green gasholders

There are loads more excellent ones I have left out but I’ve run out of time!

25 Apr '22