Archived on 6/5/2022

BBC1: Homes Under the Hammer

29 Nov '20

We’ve had Phil and Kirsty (more than once as it happens), now it’s Homes Under the Hammer’s turn, featuring a ‘lovely’ Victorian semi-detached house in Forest Hill, airing 2020-12-08T10:00:00Z on BBC1:

For anyone new or considering moving to the area, see our topic Information for New Residents

8 Dec '20
8 Dec '20

So this is on iPlayer now. For those that don’t have time to watch it, the following is a short summary:

Spoiler alert (click to expand)

A couple bought a terrace house on Stondon Park at auction for £550k. They estimated it would cost £90k and 12 weeks to do up, and had some prior experience on renovation. Possibly problems were some damp and subsidence/slippage.

Some time later it was complete and looked stunning. It actually took 7 months for the building works and another 2 months finishing. They ran over budget to £110k, but went for a higher standard of finish and didn’t have to underpin the property. As I said, it looked stunning and they also moved a lot of walls, though for some reason they didn’t convert the loft.

In the end it was valued at £800k. And they had a dear little baby! Congratulations to them all :slight_smile:

6 Jul '21

In case anyone missed it the first time around and is still interested, this was back on the telly and so is now available on iPlayer again for 29 days: