53 Dartmouth Road

In another thread about Heron House, it was mentioned that there is planned development across the road @ 53 Dartmouth Road

This one must have escaped my normally nosey radar for local building works - can anyone fill me in on the plan?

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The work on this has started already.

It was a building that was behind the row of shops (including mine) from 53 to where the Dartmouth Tandoori was.

The building is now demolished & from what I’ve been told the development will take around 2 years to complete.

@Anotherjohn and/or @Michael might know more.

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This one?

Yup, but there was the building I mention above & the garage - it’s a pretty big plot!

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The planning details on the Lewisham planning portal have now closed but it is being advertised.

Planning permission has been granted for the construction of part single / part 3-storey and part 5 / part 6-storey buildings to provide 27 self-contained residential flats with ground floor offices (Use Class B1), together with the provision of 3 disabled parking bays, 54 secure cycle spaces and associated landscaping.
The accommodation available comprises the two self-contained ground floor office units with B1(a) planning use class. The units will be fitted-out to shell and core specification with capped services. The commercial floor space shall be constructed to achieve a minimum BREEAM Rating of ‘Excellent’.
The commercial units are expected to be completed and available for practical occupation in Q4 of 2017.

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After demolishing the buildings and digging up the ground they have started to flatten the ground today, so I assume the new building will start being built soon!

I’ll post a couple of pics taken around 6pm tonight (but they’re not great).

And just for the record I was told work was being done at 2.30am this morning & I can confirm I just heard machinery being used less than 5 mins ago (approximately 9.25pm). But stopped swiftly :slight_smile:

ETA - I think the building in the background is the “Ream Apartments” shown in the plans @Anotherjohn shared

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Update here!

ETA I think there is another floor constructed on the left hand side building now, I counted 6 floors.

Police were here AGAIN today with police dogs - this has happened on several occasions now!

After speaking with them today it’s kids (don’t know what age) that are hanging around the building site & the security cameras are picking them up & the police get alerted.

Don’t know why they haven’t got security guards on site at this development, as this seems like a waste of police time to me & they don’t get caught because they run off, plus one of the police mentioned to me that there’s no padlock on the gate at the entrance of 53 D Rd & this is how they’re getting in!