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Boiler engineer needed urgently

28 Feb '18

Hi All, have no hot (or running hot water tap) at all. Thankfully heating working Having spoke to my usual engineer it looks like we need a new diverted valve. Anyone recommend a local boiler engineer?

28 Feb '18

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28 Feb '18

Try Mark at Newgas Boilers Ltd, 07971 824567. He’s helped me out a few times recently and is very good. Good luck!

28 Feb '18

Hi Tersie

I had an issue with my boiler yesterday and can recommend Kastro who came over within an hour. He supports a lot of other larger companies - but also works for himself, yesterday was the first time I met him. Very intelligent and knowledgeable, no fuss and nice to boot - also Gas Safe registered (not sure what that all means…).

I asked if I could put his number up and he agreed: 07881 974367.


28 Feb '18

Here is 2 guys I have been very happy with in the past:

Yen: 07798 530265
Mike: 07818 878905

Good luck

28 Feb '18

Thanks very much all. I got a chap called Graham out in the end as he was available. Turns out a frozen pipe into the boiler, his advice to me and me passing on to you…make sure if boiler on outside wall or semi outside / cold put lagging on pipes to insulate and install a frost detector so boiler fires on if it gets too cold. The heating will be on all night tonight!!!

Wrap up warm folks!!

25 Sep '18

Evening. Does anyone know of a boiler engineer that works with/ can work with Hive. Our boiler has stopped working but is now controlled by Hive so they’ll need to know that set up in order to fix it. Thanks :slight_smile:

26 Sep '18

Last time I used LMS we were talking about how many people now use Nest and Hive so they are probably familiar with how it works.

26 Sep '18

Ok great will give them a call. Thank you.

26 Sep '18

Can’t say for certain he is familiar with Hive but I have previously used Ayden of Heat-Aid and he’s very good.

26 Sep '18

Peter Bennison is very good, don’t know if he is familiar with hive though…

25 Oct '18

Can’t recommend Mark Newlove of Newgas boilers enough. He replaced our entire heating system, boiler, tank, more than 10 radiators all with wooden floors and new pipes. He was kind, calm, efficient and effective. HE offered ME tea when I was stressed and went the extra mile at all points. Can’t recommend him enough. His number is 07971824567

9 Feb '21

Notice a lot of water leaking from the boiler this morning and jumped on here for some recommendations.

Gave Pete a call at 9am and he was round by 3pm, replaced the damaged parts and gave it a good clean.
Would echo this recommendation!

11 Feb '21

Don’t know how familiar LMS is with Hive but they are excellent - I’ve used them for the last 10 years!

12 Feb '21

I’ve been waiting for LMS to come back and do my job the last 2 months. Despite me calling them up 4-5 times, they promise to call me back and lock in an appointment but they never do.

22 Mar '21

Definitely second the recommendation for Mark Newlove of New Gas Boilers Ltd (07971824567). I called him after seeing this thread and he was great, professional and trustworthy. Got our boiler rewired and installed a new thermostat- super quick and efficient. Would recommend!