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Thank you Maja Hilton

23 Apr '18

Just a straight out, no strings attached, thank you to @MajaHilton for your services to the area.
I don’t think we have really directly interacted, but seeing your interactions with others has really refreshed my beliefs in what local councillors can achieve when they are dedicated to the cause.

I am sure many would join me in wishing you all the best in your future endeavours, and to thank you for all you have achieved.

Politics aside, this is about person power, and what a difference the right people can make to an area. As also displayed by others.

23 Apr '18

Good topic.

Thank you, @MajaHilton for taking the time to interact with residents using this forum. Each interaction here is visible to thousands of local residents, and forms a lasting body of useful content for all.

Good local councillors are massively underpaid for the work they do - which is often thankless and puts them in the line of fire.

So when someone makes as much effort as Maja, it’s really commendable.

I’m pleased to see one or two 2018 councillor candidates starting to interact with - they have a tough act to follow but I hope they’ll understand the value of doing so.

Thank you Maja.

All: for topics relating to the upcoming local election see here: #election-2018

23 Apr '18

I’ll go along with that!

I took my beef about the lack of parking to Maja and she made the 2hrs free parking happen in Perry Vale car park.

This is a very tough, yet caring lady who has put in some hard yards to serve her community - and she’s still doing it to the end!

Party preferences aside, I’d be surprised if her successor can do as good a job as she did.

Thank you for all your efforts Maja - and I hope you enjoy your well-earned return to a more normal SE23(.)LIFE.

Kind regards

23 Apr '18

Maja has always been a very pleasant person to speak to and it is sad that Lewisham is losing her. We may not have been on the same political sides but she carried out her work exceptionally well and was a pleasure to chat to. I wish you well.

23 Apr '18

Yup, thanks @MajaHilton for getting involved in things I care about.

Cheers for the email today I’ll buzz you tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Have to say you are the only Labour Cllr I put my trust in, and so glad I did in the past.

I’ll miss you, but know you are just up the Road if I need a natter.

You should be very proud of your term as our local Cllr, you done an ace job

P xx,

24 Apr '18

A bit of unexpected thread. I will have to show it to my mum.

Thank you to all.

I am standing down, but I will continue to live in Se23 as this is my children’s home. There are many ways we can all make our neighbourhood more enjoyable place for all. Like @Michael I will continue to care about my surroundings in any ways I can. When I describe what goes on here to people outside London, they can hardly believe me. Part of it is this online community. I will be posting more after the election.

24 Apr '18

In a bout of laziness I’ll quote what I said over on the Dartmouth Road topic.

In particular, I remember when she popped into Wild Horses when she saw us from the street. She asked “are you Starman” and my OH had to say no… that’s him while pointing at me. LOL. But I thought a lot of her effort to introduce herself. I’ve not had much time for local politics but Maja and some of the other area Councillors have changed my viewpoint.

I just read this and it feels like a eulogy! It’s not. It’s a celebration. And I can’t wait to see what Maja has to say without the constraints of public office!

25 Apr '18

Thank you Maja! It’s a high bar that has been set for whoever follows you.

4 May '18

Congratulations Maja, you are freeeeeeee! Well officially kinda free now anyway.

4 May '18

Thank you, but officially I am still cllr until the new cllrs sign a paper that they take on the role as elected, which will happen on Tuesday.

4 May '18

Can’t wait to really hear from you now. :wink:

4 May '18

I guess I will have more time to respond online.

4 May '18

Thanks to Maja Hilton but also thanks to Paul Upex and to Alan Till. Alan has been a councillor for many year and has done some great work in the community with Rockbourne and many projects that I probably know nothing about.

All three have been hard working councillors and it is easy for them to go unappreciated outside their own political party, but good councillors put a huge amount of energy into the role, get a lot of criticism, a disrupted family life, and little financial compensation.

Finally it is worth saying thanks to Steve Bullock who has led Lewisham for many years, with many more years service before that.

You don’t have to agree with every action they have taken or with their politics to recognise that these are all people who care about the community in which they live and have done their best to improve the local area.

Best wishes to each of them for the future.

4 May '18

I would like to give a mention to Alan Till, and an extra mention for him.

He has done amazing things for @RockbourneYouthClub

I look up to him as a person and a fine person he is, I’d have loved him to be my grandad, he’s pretty ace :+1:

6 May '18

Thanks for popping by today Mrs, hope Zara’s sweets (might be wrong spelling) went down a treat today at the BBQ.

And great new look with the new hairdo for you, suits you x