A better welcome to those passing through SE23

:information_source: UPDATE: we’ve started this project! See: The Forest Hill Mural

I’m sure it has been discussed before, and has probably come up at Ward Assemblies as well (which I’ve never managed to attend), but wouldn’t it be great if we could communicate some more pride in our area to those who pass through regularly?

The new visitor signs by the station are very nice, and useful for those on foot, but we get many more visitors passing through each day by car. Wouldn’t it be great to have something like they did at Herne Hill at our own, rather unloved, underpass?

More photos here:


That looks fantastic! We have the perfect place for it too. With all the commissioned street art popping up, it would make a nice and welcoming gesture for sure.


I’m hoping that Brazilian street artists might have a go at the railway bridge with the help of the Horniman Museum. But it is a difficult site to make nice and not ideally suited to street art.


Ha. Herne Hill also had those fantastic banners all over the place. Ironic then they were created by Places in Print in Havelock Walk.


I propose we paint something onto this wall. like a huge colorful “welcome to forest hill sign”. just to make the area look more welcoming you know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Luke from the Horniman popped in today & so far confirmed Brazilian street art (via the Horniman) will be on the station piano, on the white building on D Rd next to the Sylvan - they have a meeting soon with TFL to discuss options, possibly on the underpass.

It would be brilliant if “Place In Print” could be commissioned to do this for FH under the railway bridge. I know them so happy to ask for costings of this & a small discount because they love FH.

@Michael do you know who we would need to get permission from to do this? Lewisham Council probably, possibly TFL.

If this would be possible & doable we could either apply for funding (regeneration of High Streets) or fundraise ourselves if the costs were not crazy!


Ahh @Mr_Robin_Banks I agree, but FHTA tried to get permission to paint our map (same as in our “welcome to Forest Hill” signage) on this wall, but the owner of the actual building didn’t grant us permission in the end. So sadly I doubt this would happen.

ah never mind, i thought it would be the perfect place to have bright colorful welcome. You would think the owner of the building would want to help make the area look nicer, do you know why the owner of the building didn’t grant permission @Pauline?

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No @Mr_Robin_Banks as far as I know there was no explanation. Such a shame as this is a prime eye catching space when commuters exit the station & the first view of FH for visitors!

@Pauline Yes I agree, very eye catching for those coming out of the station. It would definitely portray a friendly welcoming community. shame

Agree, Bed for me. Will look in the morning xxx

Indeed, just a little touch can make a huge difference.

How about something like this (with a Welcome to FH message alongside) under the bridge on the South Circular? :wink:


Perfect lol

There have been some great ideas over the years inc the murals both sides of the rail bridge on Kilburn High Road.

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We’d certainly be happy to help out with a set of FH banners if it was still of interest. At Herne Hill (and more recently London Bridge), it was a mixture of TfL and local authority permissions required. We worked with a company that specialised in banner printing, lamppost surveying and installation who handled that side of things while we focussed on the designs.

Am sure we could figure out some SE23 mates’ rates!

Ed / Place in Print


Great, thanks Ed :+1:

Could you give a rough estimate of how much something like this would cost?

I’ve got details of who I think we would need to contact at TFL & there’s a couple of people on here who will know who to contact at Lewisham council to get permission if we can secure funding :slight_smile:

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You could also consider contacting an artist who specialises in sign writing. Lionel Stanhope is a great local example:


Would you be able to get a quote on this too Brett?

Was thinking along similar lines… and guess what:


No sorry, but you could ask him yourself:

He has even retweeted you having an interest in this…

ETA, posts crossed, this to @Pauline

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