A better welcome to those passing through SE23



it would create a strong connection simply by being unique and it’s situation!

a bit like buying some jazzy shoes :wink:


I’m sure he could do something around the SE23 / FH theme. He’s done similar stuff before…


I love his work. And that mural at the entrance of Havelock Walk is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. But the style which makes that mural and the poster above interesting may also be unsuitable for the welcome sign.

Given the sign is intended to be read by drivers, any design should be easy to read and instantly identify Forest Hill.


My favourite idea so far is the vintage US postcard style that anon64893700 suggested above. Think using that style as the influence for something slightly tongue-in-cheek would look fantastic and add real personality to the area and potentially incorporate a few Forest Hill landmarks (replace the Capitol building in the below with the Horniman Museum and feature the Walrus, bandstand, south circular(!) etc.)




Would be brilliant I think, but would require the walls to be rendered first to get a decent image. Would happily chip into a crowd funding collection if something a original to the area could be done.


I think we need to go for assembly funding at the next round & hopefully we can secure the maximum £2500. We could do this either at FH or Perryvale wards - We would have to discuss/decide which group would apply for it i.e. FHTA, SE23.life, FH Soc etc.

When the emails get sent I’ll post the dates for deadlines of application - it could also be applied for by an individual.though probably best as a group/organisation.

Then maybe do a poll on designs etc?


Surely it needs to be designs first, as well as who can carry out such ideas. Then finding the pricing and if it is permitted, then a show of hands for preferences, then deciding on funding.

I am sure a crowd funder would easily raise a few grand. Especially if there are perks to be had from it for local established businesses.


crowdfunding would be a good idea. I’d support


I would even chip in from the Shires.


I love the idea of a massive and original Forest Hill sign somewhere in a prominent position. It can certainly help community cohesion and identity. But from my perspective the place signs bring greatest benefit to the businesses in the area. So while I’d throw a few bob (or more) towards a crowd funding site, I’d want to see individual businesses or the FHTA take a big chunk of the costs as well.


From the previous quote we got when this thread was started £2500 would cover it, so if we got assembly funding from LC we wouldn’t have to raise anymore :+1:


Or… if there was additional funding through a combination with business and public subscriptions you could run a design competition, increase the value of the project to encourage more interest… Perhaps create something with light…


Would be my exact goal too


£2500 was the price to do one like the Herne Hill one was it not?
Depending on the funds available, a far better and original design could be done… I’m pretty sure that most crowd funding sites allow refunds if the plan doesn’t go ahead.

So maybe if people tendered designs for consideration, a crowd funder could be set up so the community can play their part in the whole process.


Yes it was Michael.

I like your thinking :slight_smile:


Brockley is getting its mural!


Meanwhile in Forest Hill…



Missed the bus me thinks.