A better welcome to those passing through SE23



To be honest since those underpasses a pretty much painted the same everywhere it would be a bit lame having just another one in se23, not saying at all I don’t like the underpass to get spruced up but maybe with a more fresh and original design



Great work, @Lionel. :ok_hand:

Would you still be willing to do the same or similar in Forest Hill?


Then again - has anyone seen the wonderful racing greyhounds montage and butterflies on the walls on the over-bridge to Catford Bridge station. A real and vivid extension to the signage on the under-bridge.

A vivid and now present extended mural - innovative and artistic. What more can be asked when you chose to energetically identify SE6.


Yes Chris of course if you can decide what you’d like to have painted.
Having done five of the railway signs now, if you were to decide on one of those I can also reduce the quote I gave you.

Lionel Stanhope
Scenic Art Services Limited.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/lionel_stanhope
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lionel_stanhope/


I would love one of the underpass signs like Lionel did for Catford. What’s wrong with a unifying design across London? It has a traditional feel about it, like the tube name signs, but we could still play around with colour or if we want to be more quirky I’m sure there’s effects or symbols that can come off it.


I think you’re right. The problem with our earlier poll (“traditional” or “other”) is that there were no concrete alternative options provided for voting on. So, a winning “other” vote relies on everyone in that camp agreeing on a single design. Only then could we say that the “other” design was more popular than the traditional design. In practise this seems unlikely.

If I’m to take the lead on this project, I’m going to make an executive decision and choose the traditional design. It’s consistent with other local murals; it is costed, and we have a fantastic local artist who is here on the forum and willing. If we continue the “committee stage,” our mural may never happen.

Next steps - funding. So far, no non-profit group has applied for council funding for the mural (as far as I’m aware). SE23.life cannot apply for council funding because it’s owned by my private ltd company and council rules require the bid to be made by a non-profit.

But that’s no problem. I think a crowdfunder would work well here. Looking at prior crowdfunders (most recently, Cooper’s) we should easily be able to raise the cash required - which I imagine will be roughly £2,500. £500 will be donated by SE23.life, so that leaves the remainder for local businesses, residents, and perhaps the council, to contribute.

This project has massive local appeal, as can be seen here and on other social media.

Can anyone see any issues with starting a crowdfunder imminently?


Crowdfunding sounds like the best option to me, I don’t see any issues with it. I imagine it’s a lot quicker to raise funds that way too!


The crowdfunding may be more successful if people know what the design will be as I think it likely that people will be more generous if they can better visualise what the final design will look like.

I think that it would be good it we can get the immediate pavement area cleaned while the crowd funding is ongoing. Not only would the final design look better and be a better reflection of Forest Hill against clean surroundings , but I think that it would dissuade graffiti. Is this something that the council can assist with or is this something that TFL can assist with, being a pavement to the S Circular?

There is a stump of a broken streetlight (unless it was an illuminated sign). It’s been broken for a few years, but it would be fantastic if it could be either removed or replaced. Again, it would be good to know if it is TFL or the council who would be responsible.

Finally, the netting to stop pigeons roosting in the bridge is ripped. Is this a Network Rail issue?

I know that a lot of the above is cosmetic, but it would be good to have the sign looking as good as possible for as long as possible.


Agreed. Is there any chance you could create a mock-up, @Lionel? If necessary I can cover any upfront cost out the the SE23.life donation.


I have spoken to @Lionel on the phone today, and he kindly agreed to make at least one mock-up at no charge. I’m going to visit the site tomorrow to get a square-on photo for the mock-up background. We may even have two or more mock ups to choose between, and we’ll run a vote here on the forum.

More detailed discussion in the “FH Mural” category (opt in here if you’d like to get more involved in the logistics).


I love the Lionel design. But haven’t been a huge fan of its use for Forest Hill. With each use in another area I think its impact is negatively affected. And as someone else noted it risks homogenizing are corner of SE London. I’d much prefer something unique, but I appreciate this takes time and needs a lead(er). So thank you for taking this on.

For a manufacturer, repetition is ideal. For an artist, it can be limiting. I wonder if the idea used in other locations could be progressed a bit. For instance I love this one in Catford that Lionel has on his Instagram. This may be a bit too much of a change for us gentle folk of Forest Hill… but you get the idea.


Forest Hill Mural - Call for Designs (deadline Dec 11th)


Likewise, while I really like Lionel’s original design my personal view has always been that I would like us to do something to differentiate ourselves rather than just replicate what has been done elsewhere. That said I accept that there has been no formal mechanism for alternative ideas to be put forward or to decide on one alternative and then have a vote.

I have proposed or supported two ideas on this thread, but I’m not an artist and don’t have any experience of this kind of thing so have no idea whether either is realistic.

The first is a traditional US postcard style mural A better welcome to those passing through SE23

The second is an installation around the London Road junction - preferably something that lights up at night:

I assume the first idea is more practical than the second. Could we have a poll to vote for all the “alternative ideas” (provided they have been seriously proposed above) and then pit the winner against Lionel’s mural?

If not I would obviously support the proposal as i think something is better nothing, but I would be a bit disappointed that we would be falling in line with the rest of SE London rather than being original and distinguishing ourselves.

Regardless, thanks to those who are being proactive and taking the lead in trying to get something done, your efforts are certainly appreciated.


If we continue down this road we’ll need to get:

  • Artists lined up for the alternative designs
  • Costings
  • Realistic, Forest Hill tailored mockups comparable to Lionel’s Blue and Burgundy designs (which he sent to me today and which I want to post up soon for voting)

My fear is that if we remain open to submissions, we’ll just continue what we started in Summer 2016. A never-ending topic (176+ responses already!) that delays the project until all excitement about the idea has faded completely.

There is a lot of local energy over the pattern Lionel has established across SE London. Twitter is abuzz about the recent Brockley and Catford murals and people are clamouring for Forest Hill to have its turn. We would benefit from the buzz, and it won’t last forever. I think the time to act is now.


Oh… I don’t know - there might be room for advancing the theme a little and personalising it to Forest Hill, we do have a rather famous Walrus after all…


(pls. excuse my rushed and poor Photoshop skillz)




Love it looks great, happy and fun!


Yep I’d be very happy with that Mr Armadillo!! How does Lionel feel about adding a touch of walrus to his design?!


It would seem the walrus has set out a challenge to artists. What better time to respond.