A police investigation?

I appreciate the impulse to shut down discussion of the ongoing matter regarding trust in this forum.

However, I was slightly perturbed to read an update on the Sydenham Town Forum this evening, which runs counter to statements that have been made here. This concerns the apparent ongoing police investigation into the matter which has been the subject of several threads in recent days.

It has been suggested elsewhere that upon presenting herself to a police station, to find out what is going on, person x uncovered that she can find no record of a police complaint against her name either in Lewisham or in neighbouring boroughs.

Could the mods clarify anything further about the purported police complaint that has been made by this site’s administrator? As mentioned above, it does not appear to be replicated in the police’s own databases, which obviously raises ongoing trust issues.



Frankly. No.
We are not going to spend any more time and effort commenting on hearsay or gossip presented on other forums. We have presented what we know and we politely ask people to respect that and to move on. Please see this statement by the @moderators.

Many thanks


The mods have been abundantly clear on the matter, so in this circumstance and just to be clear their response is not required.

There was a thread closed and removed from the boards due to a police investigation. If there isn’t or no longer such an investigation I’m sure like others I look forward to its return. Particularly as the community was polled on the matter and chose to retain it.


Maybe if everyone could stop sharpening their axes for a while they might consider that a third party may have made this complaint to the Police, either due to good intent or for want of a back to stab.

I’m getting rather tired of the whole circus and agree with Nick, this is just turning into gossip and hearsay that’s not remotely constructive or useful in moving forward.


I think everyone should leave this to the police now and give @moderators a break from this.

Just my opinion.


I have been reading all of the posts about the founder and administrator of this site and just want to say, what goes on in the background should be his own business and I love SE23.life for all the information it provides and really want the site to continue, I have no issue with what information is held as I have nothing to hide and have found it very informative and helpful about things in this area.


This whole issue saddens me and I have lost some some confidence in the forum. Threads like this will keep cropping up due to the previous deletions - I’m not involved so just an observation. I hope things can improve.

I have removed the name on the OP and replaced it with Person x.

With that I am closing this thread - as I said we just want to move on from this.

Thanks everyone