Aircraft noise - London City forced to review their flight paths


I did that the first time. Generally, most of the late night/early mornings are Heathrow. Daytime ones tend to be City. Next time I complained to City, I thanked them for their earlier response but pointed out that with both airport flight paths overhead on the same day, it’s not surprising that sometimes it’s hard to tell.


with the Heathrow current flight paths, maybe. If expansion goes ahead, not really.


This evening seems especially noisy. is showing incoming LCY flights at 1,475 ft over Forest Hill (e.g. the delayed 17.50 from Dublin scheduled to land at 19.30 but an hour and a half late, and the 19.55 from Milan scheduled to arrive at 20.50)

Are they flying lower because we also have LHR traffic in the area?

Update 22 Mar 2019 - I have asked LCY to conform the height of overflying aircraft last night.


And this morning’s incoming Heathrow flights are early - before 04.30 - and according to Flightradar24 are lower than usual at below 3,000!


Yes super loud this morning. :rage:


Yes also noticed noise last night. FlightRadar altitude data is usually dismissed as indicative only and unreliable by airports. Can’t see anything on London City’s own tracker Travislcy which shows anything other than 2000 ft over us yesterday evening. But they have been wrong before - there was a period last year when their own online tracking system was out by 200 feet due to a software error.

Does Heathrow’s own altitude tracking confirm this - if so I’d say that’s worth following up.


Too complex for me, but I’ve written to them.