Aircraft Noise over SE23 [2017-2018]


I wasn’t aware of gatwick flights in the neighbourhood. Any particular time?


what is that?


It’s my over exaggeration at the amount of planes there are now. The amount of pollution and noise.

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As mentioned above, HACAN South East has been set up to influence authorities on London aircraft movements with South East London in mind. Particularly on Heathrow and City Airport landing path routes, frequency, concentration, heights and noise.

Here is a link to the new HACAN South East pages, setting out their standpoint.For any who are not quite sure where all the planes overhead are going the pages explain quite well I think.
Interested to hear what other local residents think to their arguments. Over to you.

What we are campaigning for:
The voice of SE London to be heard loud and clear
An end to all-day flying with the introduction of multiple routes, rotated to give each community a meaningful break from the noise
An end to London City’s concentrated flight paths
Heathrow and London City to work together when planning flight paths
Aircraft to be as high as possible over the area
An end to night flights
No third runway at Heathrow”

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[Extract from recent report - my bold]

"The overall number of flights is much the same as when we last surveyed the area 10 years ago but this masks significant changes in certain places: - the number of flights in the east of the region has increased dramatically: daily flights in the Brockley corridor grew by 135 between 2011 and 2017; Greenwich saw an increase of 165 a day.

flights numbers in the ‘southern corridor’ – which is focused on the southern runway – have risen significantly - increased concentration has meant more flights for particular communities.

We concluded many more planes are joining their final approach corridors further east than

before and are more concentrated within those corridors. We also found evidence of increased night concentration."

Here is a link to an action group with specific concerns for South East London


Call me a nerd, but I like watching the planes.


Ditto, even better when you point a nerdy app at them and see where there are coming from or going to, as well as their height and speed lol.

A friend lives near Heathrow, now that is slightly more of an issue for noise.

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It’s been a while. Did you ever receive a reply?


Perhaps it’s just me going (even more) mad, but there seems to have been more aircraft noise than normal the past few evenings… wind direction maybe?

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I have noticed it a bit more over the past few days for sure.

Also noticed a neighbour has a drone which makes frequent passes over the garden. Not sure which is more annoying, at least the planes have a purpose.


Can one of our plane spotters tell me the height at which the planes fly over Forest Hill please? If it varies, then the data for jets that have been flying over this afternoon say from 17.00 - 17.40


yes, they go at 2100 feet over Catford, and by the time they fly west over the railway line at Forest Hill they are at 2000 feet before they turn north .
This is where you can see the planes, with a one hour delay. click on a plane at any point and you can see height data.


Is this exclusively City Airport traffic? Is there a way to include Heathrow traffic, or is that a separate link? The large jets I was noticing most of the afternoon were big planes, I think likely incoming to Heathrow.

Thanks for the link. I didn’t realise LCY was so busy!


It’s definitely got a lot worse - and tonight feels particularly noisy!

I never used to notice them but there are evenings now where I need to close the window to hear the TV. Tonight feels particularly noisy.

It doesn’t seem to be every plane that is that loud. Are some aircraft models worse than others? And if so, can’t anything be done to encourage airlines to buy and operate quieter ones into Heathrow/City?


And likely to get much worse with the planned expansion of City Airport


We rarely hear them sufficiently to make a difference to us (Honor Oak near Blythe Hill Fields). However the sirens drive me a bit nuts going up Brockley Rise! I’m kind of astonished it’s clearly having an impact on neighbours. We hear a few overhead in the garden at the weekend but never loud enough to wake us inside, unlike the bin lorries which regularly rattle me awake every Wednesday morning at 5.45. Interested to hear about the consultations though as it wouldn’t be great to have a lot more air traffic. How will the new runway at Heathrow impact on this do you all think?

Noisy/Early Refuse collection
Noisy/Early Refuse collection

Yeah I can really hear it tonight too. First time all year I’ve really noticed it. Maybe the air is a certain thinness or something (any experts out there?).

And I looked on flightradar and it’s not even that close. So it has to be the air.

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Or the windows open?


There’s an element of that in noticing it more in the summer. But I have my windows open most evenings in the spring and summer and don’t notice it.

Do they rotate approaches slightly so that different people are impacted at different times? So this week, I’ll hear them most between 7 and 8pm, next week I might get 9 to 10pm. And my neighbours a few hundred metres away might get the 7 to 8 slot?

Last night they were flying directly over the house. Sometimes they seem to be a few degrees off which can make all the difference. I’d assumed that’s mostly to do with wind direction.