Aircraft noise


Admittedly, I live over the border in Dulwich constituency but the planes fly directly overhead and as per the last line, I didn’t find that letter remotely helpful


Here’s my take on some of the positive things that have happened over the last few months as a result of letter writing and actions by SE23 residents.

In August I published a report (‘SE London, No Respite from aircraft noise’) mapping aircraft activities over our area and criticising the lack of joined up thinking by the authorities; links can be found further up this thread.

As a result of this, I was invited to address the Heathrow Community Noise Forum (HCNF). My presentation, summarising the issues (as I see them) for SE23 was to a Heathrow director and managers, the Deputy Director of Aviation at the Dept for Transport, and similar level bods from Civil Aviation Authority, BAA, local councillors from across west London and Heathrow campaign groups. Details of what I said are here.

As a result, we now know that the interests of SE London are known by Heathrow, and our objective that they work with London City on this and on ‘London’s airspace modernisation’ has been heard.

I was invited to join the HCNF, and I notice that the Aviation Minister, Baroness Suggs, referred to the HCNF discussion of SE23 issues in a letter to @stepover shared on here yesterday.

Only 37 responses were made to the recent London City Airport Noise Management Plan consultation, I estimate about one third using information shared on SE23.Life. Yesterday, City published their detailed response. The good news is that they have adapted their noise plan to make recognition of the need to work with Heathrow on flightpath crossing, pay attention to noise of arrivals over SE London, the complaints of low flying across SE London and many others. So we have successfully placed our issues on their agenda. There is a lack of new measurable outcomes, but hey, we are new to this and it’s a start.

Separately, at the Forest Hill Society AGM last week, it was resolved that FH Soc would take forward local aircraft noise issues as part of its portfolio of community interests where it will seek to influence affairs. I will be accepting the invitation to the Heathrow Community Noise Forum as a representative of FHSoc. A small group from FHSoc are developing our plans. These will include seeking engagement on air noise and pollution from our Council and elected representatives. It will also include sharing information with other civic societies with similar experiences of Heathrow and City planes – to that end I have been invited to talk with the Dulwich Society in early December. If any local people here, FH Soc member or not, would like to be involved in discussing and developing a simple plan for FHSoc with us, please pm me.

Some of you will know of Plane Hell Action, based in Camberwell, which campaigns for SE London interests on City and Heathrow issues. Through them and the No Respite report, we will be meeting with the GLA Environment Committee Chair and GLA representatives later this month to view overflying aircraft together and to put forward SE London’s environmental interests on Heathrow and City flights over London.

It can be dispiriting to receive standard letters from the air industry and government – they are well resourced, have well rehearsed lines to take, and polished PR. I hope some here will agree there are small signs that we are beginning to effectively represent our area - I have to say in the absence of any interest from LB Lewisham so far.


some new info about aircraft noise levels in the local press. Aircraft from both London City and London Heathrow routinely exceed 65 decibels as they fly over Horniman Gardens. City airport planes are at one every 4 minutes at peak.