Allotment / Gardening Chat and Advice [2018-2019]

Is anyone doing some allotment building and in need of scrap timber? I have a couple of doors - approx 178 x 48.5 see pic

I would take this to a reclamation yard, they are lovely.

I did ask Dulwich Reclamation in Kirkdale, but they weren’t interested. All sawn up now and taken to the dump.

Does anyone use green manures over autumn \ winter, and if so what? I have some mustard type seeds that are meant to work, and was wondering about using broad beans - I don’t eat them though but could give them away or try them again, then cut down the plants etc. They seem to do a great job of growing quickly and stopping anything else coming through.

I have never used a green manure mainly as my plot always seems to be full even over most of winter.
Broad beans is a good idea but I love them and grow them anyway…

Olive crop looking promising …


Another 25 lbs of toms today! Just got back from hols so some are a little over but they will get sauced tomorrow anyway…
Cabbage also have gone nuts!


Wow! That is impressive.

Hello all, just recently moved to Forest Hill. What opportunities are there for getting an allotment in the area?

Hi @AnToibin and welcome to the area (and to!) :wave:

We have a number of topics about allotments, including details on local options and their notorious waiting lists (click here: #allotments to see them)

Hi @AnToibin - I put some information on this further up the thread somewhere- will try and dig it out and repost it. Basically Bromley is much easier than Lewisham.

Here you go, any questions please ask!

Impressive! Were these toms in a polytunnel or outside, or green ones you’d left to ripen?

All outside mate… Some from Deb’s plot and the big ones from mine. There is still plenty left to pick - If you can get through the blight then they can stand till the frosts hit. Although with all this rain they will probably succumb to blight before that…
I managed to get my spuds up and they have done well too.
I only planted 15 this year as we had too many last year but they really performed well and I weighed them in at just shy of 80 lbs!

Last Autumn I planted garlic (for the first time) and it worked out very well. Is there something else that does well, in the Forest Hill climate, being planted just before winter? I was thinking of onions, but apparently most varieties need spring planting. If someone can recommend a variety for Autumn planting, that would be appreciated. This may seem like a daft question, but do you get one onion per set, or multiple onions from each set planted?

BTW I have had a tremendous tomato crop this year, but very poor squash and courgette quantity, also green beans very light harvest.

Onion sets can be planted now (or in a week or two) - Autumn Champion, Radar, Electric and Senshyu are all good. You just get one onion but you can plant winter shallots and they will bunch. @Shannonsgc will have some…
Broad Beans go well from about the third week of the month and they are a great early crop.
There are some peas that will overwinter but I have never done them.
Coriander is a good winter crop but it may be too late to plant out…

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Shannon’s definitely have some as I got some from there! Was going to try and plant some today but will have to wait a couple of weeks now to get garlic and onions in.

The squirrels always seems to get thr blame for stripping the sweetcorn but found another culprit today (there were 3 of them in fact!). Have also noticed the green parakeets eat the sunflower seeds.

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I was pulling my hair out about my plants being nibbled despite a quite high fence round the veg bed. I now know why! Not something I would have expected when we lived in FH.


I may have overdone the squash a little! :smiley:


You have the greenest fingers of anyone I know!

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