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It’s a fairly small one - not a posh job with trays and all.
Really similar to this

Good for small stuff like chillies and toms. We should be more creative with it really…

Actually the straw would be useful. I can come pick it up anytime if you PM me your address or whatever you prefer… Cheers!


I’ve been trying to save some seed as I guess some of the season will come to an end before I know it. Does anyone else do this?

I recently stayed with a relative abroad who is a farmer now, and he, for tomatoes, simply opens them up, washes the seeds in water in a colander, then leaves them to dry for a day in the sun. I was advised by someone else to freeze the seed for 24 hours, before storing as this would kill any bacteria etc.

Elsewhere I finally worked out what these were:

They are in fact Cucumbers - my youngest loves them, though the first few were not ideal as I’d left them there so long waiting for them to grow into pumpkins…:roll_eyes:


Anyone else tried to get manure delivered in bulk? I’ve had emails with Biffa, who have a contract with the Met for getting rid of their stable clearings - so unrotted - but previously there’s always been a problem with finding a place to dump 10 cubic meters plus of the stuff. Some was delivered to Mayow Park a couple of years ago, but not repeated, I assume because it stayed around, and people complained. I think I ended up barrowing most of it away. I’ve also suggested a place closer to me where a load could have been dumped, but a lorry driver thought they’d damage the pavement backing in

It seems ridiculous that there’s no solution to this, hence asking if anyone one else has found one


On our old plot in Tottenham we used to get deliveries by the lorry from the Zoo but I haven’t tried to source any major amounts for a long while. There are a couple of stables that have mountains of the stuff but you’d need to hire a grab truck to get it on board and delivered…


Wasn’t sure whether to start a new thread. Our compost bin has masses of worms at the top around the rim and under the lid.

I’ve been taking handfuls and distributing around the beds, but maybe they aren’t earthworms?


Probably Tiger Worms - they are still earthworms but thrive in compost heaps…


So I got an early birthday present and its a VegTrug. I wanted one for summer herbs and soft other soft veg which could use special attention.

I want to trial some winter crops in it though. What veg should/can I grow over the winter?


The obvious things are garlic and onions which should go in about now or in the next week or two.
Broad beans are the other thing I would plant now but they take up a lot of space.
There are a lot of things to try but the issue is that it is a little late to get things to germinate. You may be able to buy plant plugs online or pick something up at Shannons. You can still sow seeds indoors of course but watch out for them getting a bit leggy. Failing that cover your trug or use a cold frame.
So a lot of oriental brassicas are fine over winter - things like mizuna, pak choi, mustard greens and Tatsoi. There are several lettuce varieties that will stand over winter - Arctic King, Winter Gem and Winter Density come to mind as well as lams lettuce.
Spinach might be worth a go especially for baby leaves in salad. Coriander can do well into winter too. Radish might just be worth it - Mooli specifically but it may be a little late…
Spring cabbage if you can get plugs will over winter.
There are of course lots of thing that you can over winter but they should have been done a while back! Carrots, leeks, parsnips, caulis, broccoli, brussles, swede, turnips are all happy with the cold to various extents…



Thanks so much. So if I can get plugs very soon and a cover and plant this weekend then maybe?


Planted my Elephant Garlic yesterday. It’s a first for me so hoping for good things.


Did you just plant cloves or had they germinated? I bought some Autumn Garlic at the RHS Autumn show last week with the intention of planting out.


Cloves. Giant things. Look forward to using them. Was given them by a neighbour in our garden share. Quite expensive apparently.


Cool. I’ll plant out some of the cloves I got then too. We can compare notes.


Any recommendations for a compost for a raised veg planter?


Absolutely. Try some lettuce from seed too - nothing much to lose!

How much do you need? Personally I’d go for a mix of top soil and some bog standard multi-purpose stuff.
However if you fancy a drive out to Bexley then you can bag up a load of quality manure


330l. Bagged and delivered is my preference


Shannons will deliver and they will offer good advise too.
Wicks do 70l bags for £4 and 35l top soil for £2 and they deliver…