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Could one find that on new lavender growth too?


They love lavender and rosemary - my rosemary is covered in the stuff


Should I try to evict them, or just accept as part of the scene?


They are regarded as fairly benign but they aren’t particularly nice to look at - I generally leave them be but if they are on your fruit I might turn the hose on them…


Are these the critters that can dry out plants? One of my Rosemary plants had dry rusty leaves last summer.


I have never noticed any damage from them but they are sap suckers so it is possible - I mainly get them on my Rosemary which is a big tough old plant and doesn’t seem to be affected.


Turf advice wanted. We have just started digging up our lawn and plan to put in new turf (all DIY). (a) What can we do with the old turf + soil – Is there a service/waste collection that we can pay to to come and collect it? (b) What is a good place to source new turf rolls?


I’m in mourning - having grown a beautiful squash plant from seed, with it’s whole life ahead of it, I planted it outside and the slimeys have destroyed it within a day. Not a shred remains.

Squash and courgettes seem the most popular with snails/slugs … I’ve got another one ready to plant, but my squash has a right to life, dare I expose it to the garden?


Nemaslug , seriously go for it.


I’ve just got some - heard good things about it.

@DevonishForester I periodically also go out and catch a lot and dispose of them -seems to work to an extent. Think I read eggshells around the base of plants can help - never tried it myself though.

If it makes you feel better I’ve lost a number of seedlings to slugs and snails before even planting them out!


I did it two years ago, and it works for slugs, but I haven’t found a product that targets snails.

Also I’m reluctant to interfere in a food source for frogs and slow worms … on the other hand I don’t want to see another of my babies destroyed by these creatures.


Having seen two newly planted Hydrangeas chewed to stickers I resorted to this prior to my parental visit. I expect slug fertilised soil when I’m back.


a sad loss………a little reluctantly we use the blue pellets - that gets the squashes and courgettes thru their early growth to the size after which they don’t seem to be at risk and you don’t need to protect them anymore. If you need another butternut squash, pm me - I have a few coming on nicely in the porch that are nearly ready to go out.


That’s really kind offer, but only if you have too many plants, more than you can use. I’ve never grown Butternut, the squash I have grown have all been from seeds taken and dried from squash I have bought - possibly Crown Prince or Hokkaido variety.

I’ve realised that another garden creature - besides frogs, toads, and slow worms - that might be poisoned by blue pellets (even though they claim to be organic) is mice. We seem to have some kind of mice in the garden (not the house), and one was very obviously sick around the time I was last using pellets.

Maybe these further observations belong on a different thread, but today I saw two new things n the garden - one was snails high up on a cherry tree. I had no idea snails would climb trees! The other thing - in an area of thick undergrowth, a mouse about 2 feet above ground, on top of plants presumably feeding on something - new leaves? buds? insects?


If anyone is growing Acorn Squash I will buy!


@starman are you not still in time to start some? I admit I don’t know what Acorn Squash is but I assumed there was still time to get some going (just).

The ups and downs on the allotment continue. On the bad size, quite a few of my onions have some fly larvae which means I am going to have to take quite a few up - on the plus side, they can be used as spring onions!

The number of weeds ha sbeen eye opening, as well as the speed in which they come up. Bindweed, brambles and couch grass, never mind me digging up various bits of consumable veg I don’t recognise :open_mouth: I still have lots of the plot to clear - a depressing thought!

On the positive side of things the kids discovered a load of ripe strawberries which should led to their return, and I discovered yesterday I have a grape vine at the back which I am very happy about, will see what we get off it this year and work out how to trail it probably next year. I also have lots of fennel growing, as well as all the plum trees that were already on site.

I’m very much looking forward to hopefully growing and tasting some things - have planted out some cucamelons, tomatillos, turks turban and some more unusual tomato varieties.

Overall for anyone undecided Id say it’s a great experience, quite time consuming, you meet some great helpful people and must be ready for some disasters. They say each day is a schoolday, it definitely is on the allotment.


Nice to see you down there at the weekend Al.

To say the least - My entire weekend seemed to evaporate after “just popping down the plot for an hour”.

I must say how much I like the site, you are right about friendly helpful people - the folks on the plot to our side turned up and totally smashed it! The plot was completely overgrown but they have cleared it, built raised beds and started planting. Then they gave us some scotch bonnet peppers and some aubergines too! We see a lot of people as everyone comes past to use the skip and everyone has been really nice and positive.
We have made decent progress and have been busy planting up and trying to get the last but dug over - it has got worse as we have got to the end with lots of bind weed and mares tail but we are just about there…

We were lucky enough to have a load of rhubarb so we have been munching through that and looking forward to some fruit off the blackcurrants we inherited. We have been eating broad beans all week and a lot of veg is starting to come on line - first courgettes will be ready very soon, peppers and chillis starting to form up, lettuce and salad aplenty and toms are just starting to fruit… Self sufficiency - here we come!!

View into the poly…


I finally worked on my raised beds and got them ready and sorted and soil put into the bed. Sadly they are now filled with flowers and shrubs as our garden is being dug up for drainage and patios etc and I need to keep them somewhere before replanting them. Oh well, I have had to console myself to a single marrow plant and some herbs.


We are so behind, with partners knee surgery and a family member in hospital we haven’t manage much at all recently. Hoping to find some time this week.


Sorry to hear that @Cara - hope everyone is back on the mend soon.

Went down tonight, got some strawberries for the kids for tomorrow- picking strawberries in fading light does lead to some errors, and picking up some slug infested ones…

Allotment at the weekend - managed to add some more pea support tonight and do quite a bit of weed removal with the hoe- so many weeds…