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Potato Question

I am growing potatoes in a bag. I went on holiday during the heat last week and when I came back the once upright plants were now drooping. They are still green courtesy of the wonderful services of Cat Calls cat sitters (highly recommended) but bigger and falling over.

Should I have staked my potatoes? And when can I harvest? Do I wait for flowering?


What did you plant - as in earlies, main crop - do you know the variety?
Getting too big and collapsing is fine - ugly but fine - it just means they are growing well. Often one would add extra soil - “earthing up” which

  • Helps support the plant
  • Encourages more spuds to form
  • Stops the spuds going green

Flowering is a good sign that spuds are forming below but there isn’t always a direct relationship. If they are main crop then they need to be in for longer to max out but you can help yourself to a few if you don’t mind literally getting your hands dirty and having a feel around in the bag…



They were Yukon Golds. I had bought them for earlies but hadn’t got them in so planted them in May to see if they would take. The seed potatoes had already begun to get some roots before planting. There were looking beautiful when I left on hols. Not so nice when I got back but looking okay otherwise.

I’ll top them up on the weekend and have a root around to see what’s there.


When I was young dreamt of my holidays with anticipation- now I hope for rain when I am away so everything does not die!

Good luck and show us how they have hopefully turned out!


Well good news is these things are growing - bar the Turks turban what they will become remains to be seen!


Been a bit hit and miss in our garden this year, but just pulled up some reasonably pleasing beetroot for making choccy brownies with later.

The corn is starting to look promising as well - although unfortunately we couldn’t get the second batch to take :frowning:


The glut starts here!


What animals eat ripe tomatoes?

Prior to the weekend, there were a number of low tomatos on my one large tomato plant ripening nicely. I thought to leave them for the weekend while away so they’d be juicy and red for my return.

On my return, it looks as if something local has eaten them.

What could that be? And how do I stop?


Someone just posted the same question on one of the forums I use.
The answer seems to be that the heat and dryness is forcing mice, rats, squirrels and other creatures to find moisture where they can and your toms are fair game. The only real solution is to net them.


Thanks. Thought I might have to. Just ordered some netting. I might also cut off the clusters nearing ripening and allow to ripen off the plant.


Maybe put some water out away from the toms at ground level to give the little varmints an alternative?


Just had the first of my courgettes. No photos, they were gone in minutes :grin:


Anyone know what this is?


Campsis radicans or Trumpet Vine - I think…


It must be. How did you identify it? I suppose it must have been planted by previous occupant.


I think we had one once so I did a quick google!

Good pickings down the plots today…


Stop it. You’re making me jealous. And in mind of some midnight robbery. Where’s your allotment again?


What do you do with all the tomatoes Nick?


Busy saucing them for the freezer - they will end up feeding us over winter in curries, pizza toppings etc… Some in the dehydrator for the “sun” dried effect…
Still loads more to come too!


Seriously, do you have a dehydrator? Can you post a picture or some details?

Also can you or anyone else anyone use some straw for your chickens? I bought a bale from the pet shop in Bell Green for my strawberries. Far more than I could use and I don’t want to keep it over the winter in case creatures make themselves at home in it. PM me if you’re interested, I don’t want to bin it.