Alterations recommendations


Can anyone recommend clothing alterations in the Forest Hill area? Looking for someone who can handle a bit more than the basic alterations/not destroy my clothes :wink:


Not sure how to link to another thread but search @Chalkandfeather on this forum and will find a thread.

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We used for a suit alteration. Really good service. Opposite Proud Sow in Crofton Park.


Amazing thanks for the recommends

Stag & Bow on Dartmouth Road helped me find someone who mends and alters.

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Hello there. Chalk and Feather Would happily help with your Tailoring requirements. My studio is based in Forest Hill. If you are able to drop by i would be happy to take a look. I run on an appointment basis so feel free to contact me on and we can get a convenient time booked in.
Best wishes,

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