Bampton Estate, the possibility of a new building next to Standlake Point

If you are a resident of Bampton Estate SE23-2XB or a resident of the neighbouring houses:


Dear council tenants, private residents, leaseholders,

There will be a meeting held on the 6th of July, 2017 (between 4pm -7 pm) close to the ball court. The subject of the discussion will be council’s plans to build new homes on the ball court of Bampton estate. The idea is for all of us to come forward and express our opinion about the possibility of the new development. Nothing has been decided yet and if the majority of residents of our estate says NO to the new development, the project will NOT go ahead – this was confirmed at the last meeting between Bampton Tenants&Residents Association, Lewisham Homes and residents on the 29th of June, 2017 by the community investment officer.

It is important that you come and express your opinion. Make the right choice. Make yourself heard.

Pros and cons of the new development:


  • More new homes
  • Homes for elderly people (Lewisham Home officer said the new building would be for elderly people)
  • Possibility (but not a guarantee) of new play facilities for children
  • Possibility (not a guarantee) of health facilities for adults (like gym, for example)
  • Add yours…


  • Trees and grassland go away
  • Half of the space around Standlake Point goes
  • Concrete and brick come instead
  • Playground for children goes away
  • Grass area for picnics goes away
  • Lewisham Homes says, the building is for elderly people, but there is no guarantee that in 10-20 years time Lewisham Council will not bring any tenants or even sell the building
  • The new building is planned for 40-50 new homes (Standlake, Radcot and Newbridge have 40 households each), therefore the new building will be either high (not sure how comfortable elderly people will be in the high building) as the rest of them or stretched along the available space.
  • Residents on the west side of Standlake will loose a nice view outside of their windows
  • The short distance between buildings will cause residents watch each other through the windows
  • Loosing playground may lead to children moving further from home to play where parents are not able to supervise
  • More people, more cars, more crowd
  • Higher demand for limited parking space
  • Children causing disturbance to elderly people, as a result, more complaints and parental reprimands
  • The possibility of rising anti-social behaviour
  • The possibility that value of properties will go down for leaseholders
  • Laying the new foundation for the new building will cause land disturbance which may lead to structural damage of the Standlake block
  • Add yours…

As a leaseholder my views are reflected inthe list of cons. I am less concerned with the property value this only matters at time of sale, however any reduction in value would be as a consequence of the other points. Over development wherever it occurs is never good for the social environment with 120 households sharing the open space and ball park thats a very small patch of land per flat. A perfect example of inappropriate placement is the failed development on the corner of Gaynesford Avenue.


We are at the very good stage now to stop the Council from doing silly things. But if residents do not speak up and keep quiet, it may be (and most likely) considered as agreement with the council’s plans.

Silence means agreement most of the time and authorities get away with a lot of wrong things just because people keep quiet. More people raise thier voices, more chances to change things for the better.


Well, the meeting went well…for residents.

Residents came, spoke their opinion, majority were not happy. There will be a petition prepared by my neighbour addressed to Lewisham Council, Lewisham Homes, MP, The minister of housing and an organisation that helps to protect the wild life ( I found out that there are few protected species live in our greeny area). Then few residents of Standlake will walk around all blocks and neighbouring houses to see if residents would like to sign this petition against the new building proposal on the ball court and then we will send to those organisations above mentioned.

Hopefully it will make Lewiham Council and Lewisham Homes to back down. And I believe they will if the majority if us will say NO.


The old Brent Knoll site in Mayow Road would be ideal for redevelopment with no trees to cut down or wildlife to destroy close to the park so that the intended housing demand for older residents would be close to the park for a constitutional stroll.
Also close to the bus stop. Seems to be abandoned and a dumping ground at present

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It’s not abandoned. There are caretakers living in it, so I assume someone is paying to keep the site active.

Well if there are no plans for it then why waste the space build badly needed homes and use a brown field site in preference to removing green space and play areas for flat dwellers who have no other outside space to let children play.

Seems a large site for just a couple of caretakers?

Do we know that is the case? It has been empty for quite a long time. Who owns school properties? Is it the council?

Developers put ‘live-in gaurdians’ into sites like this to protect them from squatters and vandalism while waiting for planning permissions etc. Basically people get somewhere to live for a while, and the property owners get on-site staff. I’ve seen the gaurdians going in and out of the old school - looks like a young couple, typical of the people who register to do this sort of thing. It suggests to me that a property developer has bought the property already, if they have arranged live-in gaurdians.

Please would you consider calling on residents of Bampton Road and Inglemere Road. Our kids use the ball court and we all agree with the above points. We attended the meeting to show our feelings and would happily sign the petition. Thank you. Also there are woodpeckers that live in the big trees!


Yes, we will come over. Once the letter is ready, I will announce the date or dates when active residents will be walking around. We will definitely make sure that we are all heard by the people with decision making powers.

Unfortunately Lewisham Council and Lewisham Homes did not think it through and certainly their attitude causes concerns. When talking with one of the representatives at this meeting on 6th of July, I was under impression that everything had already been decided and they just expected people to choose details of the project. People’s opinion if they want the building on the ball court or not was not important for them. The land belongs to the council, they will build anything they want there - that was the essence of her words. Well no, the land is public land and subsidised by public, we all pay council tax that allows the council to buy land or build houses, or any other social and public causes, so we have the power of our voice in the decision what to do with the public land and we will certainly make sure that we are heard.

Yes, there are woodpeckers, barn owl and deer horn beetles live in this area. We have a resident who has good knowledge what kind of protected species live here. He will help us out to list them.

Thank you for your help and support!

Dear council tenants, private tenants, leaseholders,

As you know, there is a proposal to build new housing on the ball court of Bampton Estate by Lewisham Council. We have recently had a meeting with Lewisham Homes outside the blocks where we had an opportunity to express our opinion about the possibility of the new building. It looked that a lot of residents who attended the meeting strongly disagreed with the Council’s proposal. To ensure that the disagreement of those residents is heard as much as the rest of those with different opinion and ideas, it was decided to prepare an official letter that expresses the objection to the proposed building plans on the ball court of Bampton Estate. The letter will be brought to the attention of those who have decision-making powers - the Mayor of London, the Mayor of Lewisham, Perry Vale Assembly, Senior Managers of Lewisham Homes, the Minister of Housing, MP, wildlife organisations, press and others who can help us to protect our unique and lovely neighbourhood. There will be a date or dates announced when active residents of Bampton Estate will be walking around with the letter giving an opportunity to everyone on Bampton Estate and from neighbouring houses and roads to sign the letter in the support of the disagreement to build the new building on the ground of the ball court. We will ensure that our voice is heard.

It’s not just developers who get in property guardians, my former local govt employers got them for a closed library building. I’d guess that it still belongs to Lewisham, but would like to know more about what’s going to happen to it!

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That would make sense, if Lewisham haven’t sold it yet they’ll want to protect the value somewhat by getting in guardians.

Does seem odd that such a prime piece of real estate has been left for so long.

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Hi all

Just a quick update. Yesterday we had a meeting with Lewisham Homes organised by Bampton TRA. There was a developement projects representative with a summary of the information gathered at the meeting on 6th of July. When we looked at the summary, there was not highlighted that residents strongly disagreed with the proposal to build a new building on the ball court. It is getting more and more clear that Lewisham Homes and Lewisham Council will go ahead with the building plans no matter what the residents think and want.

I had a very disgusting feeling about Lewisham Homes attitude that our disagreement means nothing to them, they are looking for a quick fix to the housing problem, taking old buildings down that need repairs and replacing them with something bigger and better is not the option because it is costly to temporally rehouse people, taking buildings down, causing disstress to residents of those buildings, etc. It is much easier and quick to actually take a land and build smthing in front of the nose of another people. The disrespect and disregard of those affected people’s opinion and feelings are shocking.

The petition letter will go ahead hopefully very soon. I will also be looking into the ways how to remove Lewisham Homes from managing our Bampton Estate and replace them with other company. I know it sounds unrealistic but it is worth trying, Lewisham Homes is obviousely has a long hand that holds somebody or something in Lewisham Council so they feel that they are untouchable. But so far we have more and more evidence that Lewisham Homes is incompetent, poor standard management company that overcharges significantly for the services and delivering poor quality service at the same time. This overcharging affects leaseholders and Lewisham Council funds where they are getting money from for their services. On the top of that they have no care for residents of the buildings they manage that is dramatically revealed in their intention to build new developement on Bampton Estate through whatever it takes. It is very sad indeed, but it is worth the battle.

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I have made the following request through the freedom of information act via a website WHATDOTHEYKNOW. That may give us a picture of what us happening.

Dear Lewisham Homes,

I would like, please, to request full information, unedited in anyway or form, and that includes all internal communications between Lewisham Homes employees of all ranks and levels and external communications between Lewisham Homes employees of all ranks and levels and Lewisham Council in respect to the project/planning to build new homes on Bampton Estate, SE23-2XB, including the ball court area from the beginning of time when the Bampton Estate site was proposed as an opportunity for the new developement. I would like to have full information, including drafts, plans, suggestions, residents feedback, marketing plans, reports of success, failures, obstacles, proposals, emails, letters and anything in connection with the new building plans/proposals on Bampton Estate.

Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

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Hi all,

I have spoken today with a planning officer in Lewisham Council. I explained him the situation with new building plans on our estate and Lewisham Homes ignoring our opinion. They dont know anything about plans by the sound of it. I told him that the estate green are is a valuable community space and lots of residents dont want to loose it plus lots of old trees and protected species. He gave me names and emails of the planing area manager in Lewisham Council for our area, conservation officer and tree officer for our area. He said to send them email so they know and have our concerns and disagreement on their records.

This guy i spoke to said that we should not worry, it is a long-winded proccess and our disagreement will be heard, we just need to voice our opinion and respond during consultation process if any occurs. Got some reassurance feeling from him that if we all of us disagree, there wont be any building actions.

I will send emails to those people today and encourage you all to do so as well, pls mention as much as possible of everything why the green community space is so valuable to us: - for the attention of Michael Johnson /planning area manager, South - Angela Haywood, conservation officer - tree officer



Just to show you what we are fighting for:


Gardens and green space in urban areas can improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people living there, says a University of Exeter study.
Using data from 5,000 UK households over 17 years, researchers found that living in a greener area had a significant positive effect.
The findings could help to inform urban planners and have an impact on society at large.

There are many studies showing that green spaces enhance the urban environment leading to reduced stress and aiding general well being, these are not limited to the UK with similar findings in the US, Japan and New Zealand


For the attention of
Michael Johnson (planning area manager, South), Lewisham Council
Angela Haywood, conservation officer, Lewisham Council
Valerie Harris, tree officer, Lewisham Council

Site of concern: Bampton Estate SE23-2XB, Standlake Point, Radcote Point, Newbridge Point. Photos

Dear Mr Johnson, Ms Haywood, Ms Harris,

My name is Y. K. and I live in XXX. I am XXX.

I am writing in hope that you can help residents of Bampton Estate to protect our green area that surrounds our blocks.

Lewisham Homes has recently announced that it is planning to build new housing on the ball court of our estate. It issued a letter which was followed by a meeting between residents of Bampton Estate and Lewisham Homes (Emma Gittus, regeneration project manager, and her team) on 6th of July, 2017. This is their plans:

A lot of residents came to this meeting and strongly expressed the disagreement to the plans to build anything on the green area around the estate and that includes the ball court. Residents are against any new building projects on our estate because:

  1. The green area around the blocks including the ball court is valuable green space for residents and people to rest, have picnics and children to play. It is regularly used by children from the blocks and neighbouring streets. The ball court is regularly used by children to play football and basketball. The grass area is used by people to rest and to spend the time out.

  2. The green space of our estate has lots of trees, some of them are probably as old as the blocks, some of them are numbered.

  3. The trees on our estate are home for protected species: 3 types of woodpeckers, barn owls, stag beetles and invitive species: parakeets.

  4. The green space was designed in the past when these three blocks were built for the residents of the blocks to use and enjoy because these block residents do not have gardens due to the nature of the buildings. Our estate is mainly family orientated, there are lots of families with children.

  5. There are other issues such as blocks structural safety (some Standlake Point flats have cracks in the walls and ceilings), land subsidence which is currently being questioned by a member of the public

Listing all above, I would also like to mention that there is a shortage of green space in London, the latter is very beneficial to the mental and physical well-being of people (conclusion of some studies , ) and encouraged by UK government to protect those green spaces and areas.

The green area surrounding Bampton estate blocks should and has to be protected. Can you please help us to protect our green neighbourhood from Lewisham Homes’ intentions to take this green space away from us. I am under the impression (and some of the residents will probably agree with me) that Lewisham Homes will force their building plans disregarding and disrespecting the opinion and wishes of the majority of Bampton residents who disagree with this green space to be used for building new housing. Lewisham Homes is looking for a “quick fix” to housing problems but their ways are not acceptable. There are lots of old buildings like Milverton House on Ardley close (junction with Perry Hill) which has to be taken down and replaced with something bigger and better. Or the site of what used to be old Brent Knoll School on 69 Mayo road that can be demolished and new housing can be built instead. There are certainly other options available and Lewisham Homes’ “grab and build” approach is completely unacceptable.

The residents of Bampton Estate and neighbouring streets would like to voice the disagreement to use Bampton green area with the ball court for any building projects before any consultation process begins. Are there any forms we can fill-in and sign so our voice is heard? Please help us to protect our green neighbourhood from Lewisham Homes’ disrespectful, unconsidered and harsh approach to meet “housing targets”.

Waiting for your reply,

Kind regards
Y. K.

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Morning all, just letting you know that our petition letter where we object to the building plans on our estate which were proposed by Lewisham Homes is going ahead next Monday. There will be three of us knocking on your doors in the evenings(or days) offering the opportunity to put your signatures to support the objection to the building plans.

If you wish to join us, and please do so if you can, please let me know so we can coordinate the time of the walk-arounds. We will start around 19:30 in the evening and will try to cover as many flats as possible. It will be a matter of many days to ensure we give the opportunity to everyone, who does not want any new buildings on our estate, to support the objection with the signature. The objection letter is addressed to the project manager of Lewisham Homes and Perry Vale Councillors. This petition will be then addressed to local MPs, Mayor of Lewisham, Mayor of London, Housing Minister, press and anybody who has powers to help us stop this unacceptable, unconsidered and harsh approach of Lewisham Homes “to meet housing targets”.

See you all soon!