Bampton Estate, the possibility of a new building next to Standlake Point



We will be gathering again this Sunday coming and some of us will be coming to Bampton road and Inglemere road. We will start at 4pm Sunday. Look for people with clipboards in their hands!


Have you ever received a response to your letters or FOI request?


I only received a response from Lewisham planning, saying that they cannot log in my objection because there is no application submitted yet. They advised me to subscribe to the new applications notification. Conservation and tree officers did not respond, I had to call them. Spoke to a tree officer, he said they cannot advocate for us and advised to contact local councillors and MP. I also sent my letter to the Ministry of local goverment and community - no response from them either. I am also waiting STILL for the infornation disclosure from Lewisham Homes about their building plans on our estate. They requested another 20 days to respond at the end of August, which run out yesterday and still no info. I will be contacting them again next week. It feels like us against them but I am refusing to give up.


What is the most infuriating is Lewisham Council is selling their housing stocks and sites and takes away space from people who need the space to build new housing!!! What kind of STUPID management is THAT???!


Good afternoon! Our neighbours were visiting Inglemere and Bampton roads for the past days. Please let me know if you missed the opportunity to sign.


UPD: We have over 100 households supported the objection, including Bampton households and from neighbouring streets. We still have more to collect.

What is remarkable is a lot of houses from neighbouring streets put their signatures that only shows that Bampton green space and ball court are very much used not only by Bampton residents but by local people too.

Thank you all for your help and support.:bouquet:


Good work @kat.standlake.point :+1:


Hi Chris! Thank you for your support. :hibiscus:

I would like to metion, and it is important, that there are more people involved in this objecton activity and working in the background to make our voice heard. It is fantastic that our community is live and active and people support each other in serious matters.


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Got a reply today from the Ministry for local government and communities:

Yxxxxx Kxxxxxx

Thank you for your email of 31 August about the above site and I apologise for the delay in replying.

I have contacted Lewisham Council today and understand that to date no actual planning application has been submitted. As this is the case, I am sure you will appreciate that I cannot comment on the merits of the proposal since to do so could prejudice the position of the Council in the event that a planning application is submitted. I must also be careful to avoid prejudicing the Secretary of State’s position since the application could come before him formally in the future.

Once you have established that an application for development is submitted, you should in the first instance raise any concerns with the Council. However, if you consider that this is an application which should be determined by the Secretary of State following a public inquiry, you may write to us at this office setting out the application details and the planning reasons why you wish the Secretary of State to consider call-in of the proposal. You should bear in mind that it is the Secretary of State’s policy to be very selective about calling in applications and, in general, this will only be where issues of more than local importance arise.

I am attaching a House of Commons guidance note about the call in process that you may find useful.



Karen Partridge

Planning Casework Manager

Planning Casework Unit

5 St Philip’s Place, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2PW

Department for Communities and Local Government T:0303 444 8030

PCU general enquiries: T: 0303 444 8050

Visit DCLG on GOV.UK Follow us on Twitter: @CommunitiesUK


Thanks for knocking on our door and giving us the chance to ojject to this proposal . We are neighbours of the Estate and am really worried that Lewisham Homes would think that this is a reasonable proposal . It will change the character and environment totally and remove a valuable comunity space and play area . It outrageous , I see the children playing there all the time . I suspect that LH have no obligation to consult beyond the Estate at the moment but your petition ishould send them a clear message that they will have to fight local residents the whole way


Thank you very much for your support! :bouquet:

We have some thoughts that Lewisham Homes scared to go beyond Bampton Estate asking opinion from neighbouring houses and streets because they know people will strongly object and it will ruin their shady plans to make Council grant them permition to build. It will be easy for Lewisham Homes to ensure that many people do not know so when asked by Council, they can easily say - no one said anything, so no one disagrees. In their world, silence is agreement.


Lewisham Homes proposed a couple of years ago to built a new tower block of 7-14 storey high on the Forest Estate (Eliot Bank & Knapdale Close which would be 100% private and the money made from the sale of the flats would also be used to built social housing on another part of the estate on another community green and car parking spaces and disused garages, I set up Facebook campaign group for the estate.
We had at the moment stalled the development and also now set up the Forest Estate Residents Association


I am sure you are correct about that .


It looks like Lewisham Council with Lewisham Homes are trying every single possibility to grab space for something to build stepping over people heads. It is just awful.


The majority of information that I had requested to see have been rejected to be disclosed because it is not in public interest. The local government and their managing agent on their behalf against people? Fantastic. Can I stop paying council tax because it is not used in my interest?


There is a new proposal to build on the Knapdale Close end of the Forest Estate. We are neighbours and got a letter from Lewisham Homes last week about it.


"Dear Customer Relations Team,
Thank you for your reply. I will examine your response and will come back to you if further clarification is needed. However, I noticed when checking briefly your response that some of the requested information was rejected for disclosure because the disclosure is not in the public inteterest. I do disagree with you decision, it is in the public interest to know about any building plans and projects on the estate and therefore will take this matter further to my local MP.

Yours sincerely,

"Y. K. "


"Dear Ms K. ,

Thank you for your email.

If you disagree with our decision, the next step is for us to conduct internal review for this FOI.

Please find link regarding ICO guidance and let me know if you wish to proceed to this stage.

Kind Regards

J. B.

Senior Customer Relations Officer
T: 0203 889 0646

Old Town Hall, Catford Road, London SE6 4RU


Sorry you must be under the impression that you fund the employees of the council and public services via your taxes!
If the council were to consult or consider the opinions of the public whom they serve where would that lead!:zipper_mouth_face:


I do not certainly fund the council to build larks under my nose. :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: