Bampton Estate, the possibility of a new building next to Standlake Point



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Anyone who is concerned with buildings plans on Bampton Estate, please attend the meeting with Lewisham Homes on the date, time and venue above in quote. IF THERE ARE FORMS TO FILL IN at that meeting, PLEASE FILL IN THE FORMS with your objections (take photos of your objection if you can)


Should be interesting to finally see what they are proposing for this site.
I’ll be going with an open mind and a lot of questions.


Thank you Michael! Your attendance will be very much appreciate!


Some residents of Standlake put notices on the public board downstairs in our block about building plans on our estate and meeting on the 14th and somebody is taking them down…twice now. Somebody does not want people to know. I wonder WHO doesn’t want people to know.


Just to remind that the majority of the block residents, and people from neighbouring houses and streets OBJECT to the building plans:

'Bampton Estate residents and residents of neighbouring houses and streets have signed calling for the planned building to be stopped.

Without prejudice

Site of concern: Bampton Estate including the green recreational area and the childrens ball court. SE23-2XB.

Dear Sir, Madam,

We residents of Bampton Estate and residents of neighbouring houses and streets are stating that we strongly disagree with Lewisham Homes plans to build new housing on the ball court area and on any green area of Bampton Estate and with any possible future plans to use Bampton Estate and its green space including the ball court for any building projects.
Few of the many reasons for our categorical disagreement are the green space is an important factor in people’s physical and mental well-being and encouraged by UK government to be protected, the green space of Bampton Estate is much used by residents and children of the estate, neighbouring streets and people passing by to rest, have picnics, sunbath and play. The ball court is very much used by children of Bampton Estate, neighbouring streets and school to play football and basketball - it is safe and close by. The green space of Bampton Estate was well designed so people of Standlake Point, Radcote Point and Newbridge Point can use and enjoy it as the residents of these blocks do not have their own gardens due to the nature of the buildings. The trees, some of them as old as the buildings, are home for protected species: 3 types of woodpeckers, barn owls, stag beetles and invitive species. Green space and trees are very limited in London and must be encouraged and protected. Other reasons are: very limited residents parking space and very limited space for emergency access including the Fire Brigade engines; raise in anti-social behaviour if children are deprived of their playground and space; structural safety of the blocks - some flats in Standlake Point block have cracks in walls and ceilings; underground waters - the neighbouring to Standlake Point house experiences flooding because of the underground waters so a special pump had to be installed to keep the problem at bay, taking trees down may result in landslide and flooding of the blocks’ foundation.

Our green space on Bampton Estate is a very beautiful unique and dear to all its residents and neighbours. Under no circumstances should any building project be allowed, depriving us of recreational facilities.

Residents of Bampton Estate, neighbouring houses and streets.
Signatures attached.
Year 2017
Petition-signatures.pdf (1.5 MB)


Got email from Open Spaces Society:

Dear Kat

Thanks for your email. There may be options open to you for protecting this open space and you might like to look at the relevant pages of our website as follows: town/village green registration, local green space designation, assets of community value. Use of the land would have to meet certain statutory criteria as outlined in the guidance on our website and related information sheets. You can, of course, also object to any planning application that might be made but this would have to be on the basis of material considerations.

As you may know, the Open Spaces Society is a small charity which relies on member subscriptions to fund its work and provide a mandate for action. Members are entitled to a reasonable level of guidance and support from our case officers who are our in-house legal experts on commons, greens, open spaces and public rights of way. Please therefore consider joining OSS if you would like further help or to support us in our work.

Yours sincerely,

I will try to initiate the process to register our green space as Town Green through them.


Saw the building project - it is a massive housing complex!!!


From the document:

‘After the rst consultation event we have taken on board your feedbacks and developed a strategy for the site identied by the London Borough of Lewisham but we also looked at the feasibility of an alternative site.’

Our feedback was the majority of the block residents, residents of neighbouring houses and streets object wholeheartedly to the building plans.

Our feedback was not taken on board!


52 units with two of the blocks very close to existing buildings (11m at the closest point to Standlake and 16m from houses on Fifield Path)
26 trees to go and be replaced with new trees (none of the trees to be removed are the largest, but some are designated class B)
New ball court on area that is currently sloped, away from the centre of the estate
The road will be opened to through traffic and provide more space for parking
Lots of concern from residents who feel the flats are poorly maintained and the company is only suddenly interested in improving the properties when there is money to be made
And no clue about plans for the blocks on the other side of the estate that are apparently where many of the residents will be moved from. I think there will be a further application for a large development of that site.


There are so many issues with privacy of the houses surrounding let alone the residents of Standlake Point.
Possibly 52 more cars in a car park that is already overcrowded, with the creation of a rat run for cars and mopeds which makes a quiet cul de sac where children are fairly safe and turns it into a hazard.

If a private developer were to suggest the density of this development it would be rejected. Despite the suggestion it is for social housing it should be noted that units for sale is commented on?

My feeling is that Lewisham Homes have met with a huge rejection by residents in the form of a petition yet have continued to progress the ‘consultation’ is that proof that opinions do not matter or that the provision of a few trees, benches and hedges will sway objectors?


We had and have drug dealing problems on our estate, People hide behide the garages or next to them!! Have you seen the propose building complex!! There will be a perfect places behind these new building to do things.


From Open Spaces Society wesite:

What are material considerations?
A material consideration is a matter that should be taken into account in deciding a planning application or on an appeal against a planning decision.

Material considerations can include (but are not limited to):

Overlooking/loss of privacy
Loss of light or overshadowing
Highway safety
Effect on listed building and conservation area
Layout and density of building
Design, appearance and materials
Government policy
Disabled persons’ access
Proposals in the Development Plan
Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
Nature conservation
However, issues such as loss of view, or negative effect on the value of properties are not material considerations.


That seems unlikely for sheltered housing, but it would be a material consideration if they were to build a new block on Northmoor.


There sre bedsits for elder singles in Shifford path one resident has 3 cars!
Given that the citeria mentioned by Lewisham Homes is over 55’s care to guess how many of that age still driving?


I’m just staggered that this has been presented as a reasonable and considered proposal . It’s anything but .
And I agree that there is a lot in the glossy brochure on the website that talks about renevatiom of the Estate and providing this and that . I’m not an estate resident but this strikes me as very dodgy and an attempt to convince the residents with offers of physical improvements when LH should be doing that anyway .


I know - It’s massive .
No mention that it’s for old people it seems .


Be interesting to hear from the big houses on PerryVale who will have 5 storeys at the end of their gardens as well as the privacy concerns for Fyfield Path.


That is a good point. Although it is hypothetical, as much as hypothetical the fact that there wont be any cars because it is elderly people homes, we cannot dismiss the fact that there wil be more cars that we dont have space for. Even 25 cars extra is a lot. The bottom line is there is no space for them and i am not certainly prepared to share my part of the car park with newcomers.


Talking about improvements and that everything has been decided on the project with consultation being just a sham, I and another leasehoder were meeting Lewisham Homes people regarding the caretaking issues in our block (it is another story that I will unveil in my other thread in due course).

Anyway, one of the guys we met at that meeting wondered about our opinion on the communal rubbish bin enclosures (they look awful now

). We said, ‘oh yah, we wanted, thank you that is great’ . He said that they are currently looking for contractors/dealing with a contractor on this matter. We were like, ‘oh great, can we also have our side canopies enclosed as well as people usually urinate there’ (and LH does not bother to wash there and it stinks

). He said he would look to see if he can incorporate that… Adding nicely that all that enclosure wont cost anything to us as leaseholders. We did not think where that was coming from until I saw the project plans on the building and here we are, the bin enclosures on the plan!

(bottom right corner of the screenshot)

That where no cost to leaseholders is coming from! It is a part of the project!! The fact is they are already looking for/talking to contractors to do it.

The building has been decided, by the look of it, disregarding our opinions. Why would you start arranging contractors if you dont know if the project will be approved? Wasting time and public monies on the project that has no guarantee of approval? Or the approval is actually guaranteed?


I suspected as much - it all feels like a done deal . Just makes me feel more determined