Basement for birthday hire?



Are there anyway in Forest Hill or around where you can hire a basement / place with less light. I know of one in Crystal Palace that even has a garden but is quite booked. Any advice?

Many thanks


We may be able to help…you could email me at my name is Sian x


Stag & bow & @StDavid have one & @leafandgroove will have one with a garden when it opens soon.

Also @V22Collection community space basement refurb is starting in about a week’s time.

What kind of date are you thinking of?


Thank you for all the suggestions.The birthday should be mid October.I will pop to check the spaces next week.It doesn’t have to be Forest hill,surrounding areas will work too.


Not all local but there were some suggestions here.



Thank for for the link.
I need limited light during the day ,hence a basement needed.
Planning a not so tacky glow in the dark party with llots of fun art for


You could try St Hilda’s Church on the corner of Coutrai Road, Crofton Park. They have rooms to hire.