Bathroom fitter recommendations

Can anyone recommend a bathroom fitter / builder? We want to put in a new bathroom that will also require a couple of small walls to be taken down / put up. I had a search on here but didn’t find anything.

We used R Lasbury and Associates a couple of years ago for bathroom and kitchen stuff and they were great, very competitive price yet super detail oriented.

Thanks Stephen.

Did you get any other recommendations? I’m also looking for a bathroom fitter - ideally a builder as it isn’t just switching an old tub for a new one.

I forwarded this page to a South London friend who was struggling to find someone to fit a new bathroom. She asked me to add a recommendation - she went with R Lasbury after getting a few quotes and says their work is great, good attention to detail and a fair price. She’s a happy customer.

I’ve just had a bathroom put in by Atanas at Big Small Building Solutions. He came up with some excellent design suggestions, and I have been very impressed at the level of detail in the finishing. He was comparatively very well priced, and his team were polite, tidied up after themselves and even worked Saturday and Sunday to get it done on time.

I found him recommended on the East Dulwich forum where there are plenty of other very happy customers. If you’d like to see his work, give me a shout.

You can get him at

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Hi there, For people who have had their bathrooms redone, how long does it typically take (we need retiling, flooring and bathtub replaced). I am a bit sceptical about taking the builders/fitters at the word because all our other jobs have taken way longer than initially estimated.

Our last bathroom refit took two weeks from day one to all done, including tiling and painting. That was using a local guy with two people on the job at most, sometimes only one.

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Mine was a complete refit including a re-positioning of the toilet and a full tiling job on the floor and walls. It took eleven days with a two man crew working from 8am to 7pm.

ETA… Part of wall had to be rebuilt too. The old tiles were keeping it together.

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Mine was a complete refit, including repositioning everything, new flooring, new lights, a false wall being built for an alcove in the shower, etc. It took just under 2 weeks, and that’s with 2-3 people working every day, including the intervening weekend.

May I ask, the availability isn’t until September but we’ve been asked for 20% deposit to secure the date. This usual experience? We were quoted by Atanas who is mentioned on here.

I paid 5% deposit on a loft conversion. I can see why the % should be higher for smaller jobs though.

Does anyone know if it is possible to replace a standalone shower unit in a bathroom without retiling??

I’d be eager for some recommendations for bathroom fitters who would be able to advise, quote and carry out the job - as well as replacing a bathroom extractor fan (with humimeter).


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Never knew such a thing existed - much better idea than a timer or or a simple connection to the light!

Yes - recommended by our independent damp expert! We’re hoping it’s going to solve all our condensation woes!

I’m looking for someone to rip out tiling, fix leaky shower piping behind said tiling, re-tile and potentially rip out and replace a bath.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
I’ve got in touch with Big Small Solutions after seeing many recommendations but sadly they can’t do the work at the moment.