Beckenham Place Park


I know it’s not strictly SE23 but does anyone know if work has started on the proposed changes and any completion date?

I know the golf course has closed but is it all open to the public now to walk around?

I’m most interested in the lake idea of swimming in it!


The park is open to walk around. I don’t know about the proposed works or the swimming.
I was there a couple of weeks ago and it’s a really lovely spot to go for a walk. There is a small cafe serving tea coffee basic snacks etc - no meals yet as far as I can tell. Also there is an art club running in the room next to the cafe with classes for adults and children. There are basic toilets open. It’s a beautiful park.


This is the website of the art organisation that are based in the Mansion House in Beckenham Place Park

There’s plenty of information about the park and the redevelopment on Lewisham’s website, and you can sign up for email updates and follow the park’s Facebook page.

I looked on the website yesterday before posting, but could not see an update from this year. I’ll look again, maybe I missed it. Was just wondering as I know people on here often head down there what was occurring.

Best place for up-to-date info is definitely their Facebook page:

As soon as the golf course officially closed the dog walkers colonised it! Casual golfers have returned to use the course while it’s still there, but keeping getting their balls nicked by opportunistic dogs! Where the dog walkers go, everyone else soon follows.

Work is still at an early stage. Mostly clearing and replanting, although there is definitely digger activity where the lakes / wetland area is planned.

I’ve noticed the woodland is being better managed in a housekeeping sort of way - bins being emptied more regularly, and a maintenance guy riding round in a golf buggy. Paths have been mowed into the fields, but the rest left to go to meadow, which is lovely at this time of year.

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It’s a beautiful park, which we only visited for the first time a couple of weeks back. Hopefully it won’t be too overdeveloped or managed. Does anyone know an off-road running route to the park from Forest Hill?

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You can’t do it completely off road but what I do (on a bike) is to hit the Waterlink Way and get down as far as Southend Road and wiggle round the back from there. But I am over that side of Forest Hill to start with!


There’s a recently started ParkRun there - every Saturday at 9.00.

It’s a flat course all on the other side of the railway

Thanks Rachael - I’ll follow the Facebook page.

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Ok had a look on the Facebook page - lots of tree planting! They look very close together on the photos but I am no expert! Looking forward to visiting now, might try this weekend.

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I’m in the park at the moment - came here for a run this eve, on the strength of all the comments on the forum. A remarkable bit of local green space!

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How long before they start turning it into burial plots…?! :unamused:

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This is sarf London. What makes you think it already isn’t? :scream:


Went for a quick walk there tonight - we’re very lucky to have some where like this so close. As Rachael said lots of dog walkers but also lots of families and couples out enjoying the warm evening.

Did not make it over to the river and children’s area, will like try that tomorrow.

A few quick snaps.


Love this place, you can feel totally isolated from houses, roads, noise etc. Much better now it’s been opened up and no longer a golf course. Only needs some deer and it could serve as a pint-sized Richmond park.

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You know I as I was walking around I also thought how nice it would be with some deer! Not sure the dog walkers would be as delighted… I was however distracted from my thoughts when I realised I was lost, was not sure if the car park entrance did actually close at 9 and have 15 minute to find my way back. Google maps came to the rescue!

If the lake idea comes to fruition and you can swim \ kayak etc on there I’ll be over the moon.

As the owner of a dog with ‘Fenton’ tendencies, I’d have to veto the idea of deer!


My parents dog had very similar tendencies, but just out of the blue. Normally great recall but once gone, well…

I must admit it made me want to have a dog - I used to love walking our family one, especially on days like these in spaces like this.

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Have you heard of Borrow My Doggy? Might be the solution.