Beckenham Place Park



Thanks Rachael - that looks brilliant and possibly a great way to introduce the kids to dogs more.

Edit - so went round with the kids today, from the old bromley road entrance. The playground is ok and has two water features the kids can run through. It has no shade so we didn’t stay long.

Really nice cycle path, you really feel like you are in the countryside, the boys stopped off to dip their feet in the river. They also loved the fact you can see trains for part of the journey! Amazing meadow of dandelions and other yellow flowers. We stopped off on the way back at the ‘main entrance’ near homebase and the kids enjoyed rolling down the hills there.

All in all really nice - what a great park.


There is an interesting blog written by a local woman opposed to the council’s changes.


While it is always good to hold the local authority to account on works such as these, I get the feeling there was a lot of resistance to change that might not have been fully justified. The park has been extremely underused, which has been just lovely for those of us that do use it. But we can’t oppose changes that will open it up to more users just because we like it quiet, as long as the current main attractions - the meadow and woods - are preserved. It has undoubtedly been under maintained and the changes I’ve seen so far have been positive. Good to keep a watchful eye on things, of course.


Great article about the history of the park and estate, full of photos:


Amazing photos. We were up there today and I’ve always been struck by how oversized the portico is - now I know why! Standing on the other side of the house, you get amazing rolling vistas of landscaped parkland (you just have to ignore the golf bunkers).

As a regular visitor with my dog, it’s been lovely to see how many more people are using the park now the golf club has closed. While it’s sad to lose a public golf course, this historic site and landscaping, along with the ancient woodland, is now accessible to everyone.


Really excited to see the plans progress for BPP now. I will be spending a lot more time there now I know how accessible and friendly a place it is.
Just hope that squirrel is staying grey, some of the suggestions were shocking.

That’s pretty interesting, what a fab idea.


I signed up but got no one contacting us - we’ve since rehomed a cat so it’s possibly out of the window now - my sister-in-law uses it successfully - it might work better if you want someone to walk your dog than the other way around.


This is worrying, especially given what’s happening to One Tree Hill:

Anyone know what Lewisham Council is up to?


There’s an update here:

Key section:

The planned tree works

We need to ensure the park remains safe for everyone. Around 80 trees will be taken down because they are dead or diseased.

Some areas of scrub and undergrowth within the parkland will be removed to improve sightlines and views across the parkland and to the key heritage buildings. This will enhance the feeling of space and openness which is so valued by many park users.

Other trees will be removed within clumps to allow the most mature specimens to flourish. This thinning is an important part of normal tree maintenance.

Some of the planting that is associated with the golf course will be removed, just as the bunkers and tees will also be removed. These trees were planted in the 1990s, are relatively young and offer little habitat value.


There has been next to no management of the park and its trees in many years and these tree works are absolutely necessary. There are a lot of old, dead and diseased trees that need to be cleared. Meanwhile, large areas have already been planted with hundreds of new saplings in land reclaimed from the golf course. I’m in this park several times a week and the work that is being put into it is amazing to see.

This situation is in no way like what has happened at One Tree Hill


Given the amount of information in this thread about the regeneration of the park, I’m really surprised you felt the need to ask. It is most definitely regeneration, not redevelopment. There has been a regrettable degree of nimbyism about objections to the regeneration. Dog owners (myself included) have had the benefit of a hugely under-used public space for many years where we can let our dogs off-leash and not really worry about what they are up to. The regeneration includes facilities for all the community and that does mean that we dog walkers will have to curtail our dogs’ freedoms in the park somewhat (or get them better trained!), but the overall benefit to the community must surely out-weigh that inconvenience.

For balance, here are some photos I took this morning of the ranks of newly planted saplings.

And a snow-sprinkled doggo, just because.


I asked once, and then information was helpfully provided.

I’m glad I asked. Thank you for the information.


It was your need to ask that surprised me, given all the information and links are already here. Not your normal modus operandi. I admit, though, that the propagation of falsehoods about the regeneration really bothers me and I do tend to bang on about it if the subject comes up.

As you were.


I love your dog.


I’ll pass on your compliments, just as soon as he wakes up.


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It’s good that Lewisham know people are scrutinising what’s being done, because oversight is important. Beckenham Place Park is an incredibly important environmental resource and needs to be treated with respect.

Re the lake: they are re-excavating an existing lake. The stand of young trees that had filled in the lake are not part of the ancient woodland. Mostly ash that grows like a weed. However, the heavy diggers are making a horrendous mess and it all looks rather brutal.

In the ancient woodland, a substantial area of scrub under the trees has been cleared, which is a big concern for existing wildlife. It is being transformed into a wetland habitat, which seems a little bizarre in a woodland.

A few old and problematic trees have been taken out of the woodland, but only a handful. As I posted before, hundreds of young trees were planted last year to fill in areas of the woodland encroached on by the golf course. As far as I know there are no plans to remove many more trees from the ancient woodland.

Overall we need continued scrutiny but not panic, and for people to pick their battles to make sure Lewisham are held accountable where it matters. I said this to the people concerned about the large flock of parakeets that might be affected - good, I say! You can’t hear the native birds over the screeching of the interlopers.


Lets not make this political. Immigrant populations established over generations have as much right to be here as any other. Those parakeets were born British.


Just wait till they cr@p on you and you will be out there with your banner!! :slight_smile: