Bike Hangers (Secure Cycle Storage)



I have been in contact with Lewisham Council to recommend the introduction of bike hangers (secure cycle storage units) in Forest Hill, for example Cycle Hoop Bikehangars in use in Lambeth and other Boroughs ( and H2Asguard cycle shelters in use in Islington.

The Council have responded to say that Lewisham Council is delivering bike hangers across the borough as stated in their 2017 Lewisham Cycling Strategy. They are running the bike hanger programme on a demand basis as they only have enough money to install approximately 30 bike hangers in the 2018/19 financial year across Lewisham. I understand that the Council has not decided which supplier of bike shelters they will be commissioning yet.

Lewisham residents need to fill in an expression of interest on their bike hanger landing page (

The Council will be delivering the hangers in 6 month phases with the first phase locations already identified based on demand. As of yet there apparently hasn’t been much demand from Forest Hill but the Council won’t be looking at the phase 2 locations until April 2018 so I am hoping that by posting on the SE23 forum that more people in the area will become aware of the programme and we can demonstrate increased interest to the Council.

Interested to get peoples views on the idea. If you’re keen to have bike hangers in the area then please do complete the form (link above). I was thinking that underutilised space in the station carpark in particular might be a prime site.

Thanks for reading (this is my first post!)


Bike Hangars

That’s brilliant news! We’ve discussed bike hangars before and there is clearly demand for it in the area.

Thanks for joining and providing this useful update :+1:


hello all, I work at (who supply the bikehangars you mentioned) and just wanted flag up that as mentioned on this page of the Lewisham Council website, the council are considering alternative types of on-street cycleparking shelters, so the council may not be planning to install our Bikehangars which you link to in your post. Competing products include the H2Asguard cycle shelters recently installed in Islington.

Hope this helps!


Hi Lucy,

Thank you for the clarification - I have amended my original post to avoid confusion.