Bin collection changes


Yep they have some guy walk down the street before the truck comes trying to empty 2 in to 1. They’ve always done that with the black bins. But doing it with the food waste bins? Geezus.


Try that email address I posted above. I got a reply pretty quickly.


We still haven’t got any food waste bins (or leaflets, or any of the bits and bobs that go with them). Also been requesting a recycling bin for the last two years but that’s another story. Black bins very full today.


Damn - someone has nicked our big green recycling bin or it ended up getting recycled in some sort of meta way. Then a neighbour got all shirty as we bought in one left outside our house by the bin men which turned out to be hers, not ours…

I think in general the changes are good ones. I use the food waste bin a bit more than I thought I would, not a lot mind but it does force me to think before throwing stuff in the kitchen bin. It will take some time to get it into everyone’s mindset and there will be problems for some but we will all get used to it.


Bit of a mare for people who haven’t yet got their food bins but are already on a bi-weekly grey bin collection. Any sign of the council helping them out?

My in-laws have had bi-weekly non-recyclable collections where they live for years and have become very adept at efficiently filling that bin. It might seem trivial, but simple things like flattening and folding non-recyclable wrappers etc instead of scrunching them can make a big difference. I’ve also been squeezing the air out of all the bin bags before I put them in the bin, and not knotting them tightly. It occurs to me I might not even need bin liners for most waste going in the grey bin. Pouring the waste in loose and letting it settle will make more room. So far I’m on track to have a full but not overflowing grey bin come collection day.


Living in a purpose built small block of flats who have individual black/green bins and are not being supplied with the food waste bins I contacted the council to verify what was happening as some of the communication was misleading and was advised me that nothing was changing for us and we would still be getting a weekly collection of general waste. When I queried how they knew which addresses to collect from I was told they have a list of all the relevant properties. However surprise surprise the general waste was not collected last week!


Paint your house number on the bins add road as well for extra security. That way you can always retrieve your own bins. I think everyone in Wynell road has marked their bins.


Same here. We are in Brockley Rise. On the first day of collection I had a look down the road to see if we were alone, and it did not appear so - lots of black bins also put out.

Still we have a reference number and an email saying our food bin will be delivered before this starts. Hmmm. Some of the black bins look full already, so if they are not collected, well they are going to end up dumped somewhere, most likely street bins I guess.

I’ll be generous and say it’s early days, but as someone who was initially sceptical of the changes, it’s not the best start.


No problems on Cranston Rd that I can see. Our grey bin is only half full most weeks anyway so I don’t think we’ll have any issues. Good advice upthread on properly compacting recycling and not putting liquids in the small food waste caddy. You could also try popping a kitchen towel in the bottom as a liner. We’ve had no problems with our green bags disintegrating and we’ve only been decanting them into the bigger bin about twice a week.


Same story on half of Codrington Hill, too. I contacted the council 3 weeks before the changeover date to tell them that the food bins still hadn’t been delivered. I got a case number but since then - nothing.

My wife called the council last Tuesday (because we’re not due a black bin collection until this week under the new rules) and was told to put the food waste in the black bin as per usual since (in the words of the council person) “we’re aware that many residents don’t yet have their food bins, and arrangements are in place for their black bins to be collected this week”.

Of course, there was no black bin collection.

I am confidenly expecting that we will still be without a food bin before this week’s collection, and that when I go to retrieve the black bin from wherever it finally ends up on my street after the bin lorry has been, there will be a snotty note stuck to it telling me that it should not be used for food waste.

Why can Lewisham never seem to get this sort of thing right?


We live in a purpose built block of flats with communal bins. All the literature states that nothing will change for our collections, but I cannot get an answer from Lewisham Council as to whether our collection days remain the same or not as the information on the website shows the whole of our road (a mixture of houses, conversions and purpose built blocks) as having the fortnightly bin collections.


I don’t mind the two-week grey bin collection cycle as we typically recycle most of our waste, but the food bin is such a palava and I question whether its having much of an impact on recycling levels. It certainly is added hassle. The small indoor bin frequently stinks the kitchen out when it is opened, even after only a few hours following a bag change and I still haven’t located a decent spot to put the damned thing…


I was worried that my kitchen caddy would be stinky but it’s fine. The only thing that makes it smell nasty is any trimmings of raw meat, poultry or fish, which will start to smell nasty within a day. Everything else going in is either vegetable trimmings or cooked scrapings from plates. Same as my main bin before I stopped using it for food.


How is the kitchen caddy smelling of food any different to a normal kitchen bin smelling of food? It’s in the same room and the same contents. The caddy should smell up the kitchen less as you empty it more often.


Not being an expert in food decomposition, I am not exactly sure…

Perhaps it is due to the concentration of food stuffs together in a smaller container not being absorbed or deflected by discarded food wrap, foil or the odd piece of kitchen roll. Perhaps it is because the small caddy is further off the ground and closer to my nasal passage. Perhaps as time has gone on and I have become more irritated with the process, I have also become more susceptible to the smell.

Questions, questions.

Bottom line is I think it smells worse than the kitchen bin. I don’t particularly like this enforced and additional hassle and I doubt it makes a huge amount of difference in the scheme of things.


Genuine question: How much difference would it have to make to be worth your hassle?


Personally I haven’t noticed the kitchen caddy smelling any worse than my regular bin, in fact I think it smells less because I empty it more often.
I also have a compost caddy with a charcoal liner in the lid which is very good at absorbing smells, so if I do find the kitchen caddy starts to smell I will try something similar.
I find my main kitchen bin is much cleaner and easier to empty because it’s only packaging.
The kitchen caddy is very easy to take outside to the silver bin and the liners haven’t disintegrated so far.
The main issue for me is where to store the caddy in the kitchen - but I’ll work something out eventually!


Does anyone have a definitive answer on whether we can put black plastic food trays in the recycling? They are not excluded on the Lewisham website, but I keep hearing they are not recyclable.


Definitive… no, but I had never worried about them before. The page below mentions ‘fruit punnets’, which I think is similar, and does not list anything similar under ‘what you can’t recycle’.


Fruit punnets are normally clear plastic.

Have looked into this further, it seems the trouble is at the recycling plants where black plastic doesn’t get properly sorted. But in theory as a type 1 plastic I’d assume we’re allowed to put them in our green bins.