Bin collection changes


I’m genuinely confused how this is more hassle than a black bin? As for kitchen space, we put our recycling in one of these and the caddy sits on top of it. (This is in a v. small kitchen too!!)


Not much point in any of this when the sloppy bin operative spills the contents of a food bin on the road then walks in it as the lorry moves forward!


I think we need to flag this up to Lewisham. If not everyone is bagging their food waste, the habit of tipping one bin into another as they go along is not going to work.

If anyone sees it happening and can get a photo, do. Then log it via Fix My Street or tweet Lewisham Environment.


Previous routine - open kitchen bin, scrape food into bin, close bin, deal with plate. Take bin outside when full - perhaps up to three times a week depending on volumes.

New routine - locate daft caddy, put plate down whilst lifting up daft caddy from floor in order to open the daft handle, scrape food bits into daft caddy whilst grimacing from the smell of concentrated food stuffs in close proximity to one’s nose shortly after the consumption of an evening meal, put plate down, close daft caddy lid and daft handle to stop the smell, place daft caddy back on floor, deal with plate, empty the daft caddy once or twice a day into outside even dafter larger sister caddy - repeat routine as with small daft caddy of lifting and opening larger daft handle system, grimacing again with the admittedly less concentrated smell but at the same time worrying about all those food liquids that Rachael said I should have minimised (squeezed out of the foods?? With my hands?) beforehand apparently to avoid the daft bags from splitting inside the even dafter larger caddy, closing the daft handle system, and then finally, and rather dejectedly, plodding back inside house.

Watching as two days later the bin men arrive, open the even dafter larger caddy to tip into the back of the truck and grimace once again (I am clearly grimacing a lot these days) as they manage to spill some of the contents onto the road, something that hadn’t happened at all in the previous five years.

Think to oneself, am I alone in considering this is futile and a complete waste of my time? Seemingly yes, given the reactions so far on se23life…

Perhaps I am turning into that grumpy old man rather sooner than I had previously thought.


My routine: place caddy on counter to lob in off cuts and peelings in while preparing food. Leave open as there is no smell and reflect how much easier it is than opening and closing the main bin while cooking.

Close caddy, leave on counter, eat dinner. Open caddy, leave open as I scrape plates and generally clean up after dinner. Close caddy, stow beside main kitchen bin until next needed. Empty small caddy every third day.

I don’t know what you are putting in your caddy to make it stink so bad, @Jerry.


There’s quite a simple way to avoid loads of liquid in the food waste that doesn’t involve using your hands (?) just strain it through a sieve or using the edge of a pan lid… exactly what we were doing to avoid having liquid in the old bins (which inevitably would find its way out of the bin bag otherwise).


Have you got your food bins yet? Ours are still not here.

At least the black bins were collected today. I had a look down the road again, and only saw one food bin out of about 10 addresses so I suspect we’re still not alone, in contrast to the side streets where virtually every house had the food bin out.


Nope - we (and our neighbours) are also still food bin - less.

Still no further response from Lewisham to my original (now 4 week old) request to resolve the situation, either…


Please can someone explain the food bin bags to me? Do you put a small bag in the caddy and then tie it up and put it in the kerbside bin? Is the kerbside bin supposed to have a bag of it’s own too? Or just lots of little tied-up bags inside?


Related topic, with photos of instruction leaflets:


Many thanks Chris. I couldn’t find the instruction leaflet and it’s not on Lewisham’s website.


Looks as though our foxes are enjoying this new sport. left our little kitchen caddy outside overnight by the back door (yes I know, it’s supposed to be in the kitchen) , it disappeared completely. Eventually found it in a bush half way down the garden a day later, with contents (chicken bones in a bag) nowhere to be seen.


Little devils! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Clearly someone on Benson Rd didn’t get the memo



Clearly number 24 really doesn’t care.


I saw a load of black bins overflowing in Sunderland Rd and wastdale Rd, you could clearly see food waste and a load of recyclable rubbish in there, the bags were balanced on bins and ripped open, this will cause more vermin because they can’t be bothered to sort their rubbish


I ordered 5 of these bins on the landlords behalf. Good thing eh, imagine the mess if they still just had the one.


Let’s hope that if this continues the Council will seek to enforce their rules and apply fines for littering or flytipping. I doubt the people who can’t be bothered to sort their garbage have been bothered to remove identifying mail labels.


I wouldn’t hold your breath!


I suspect there are teething problems, for people and the council alike. If you’ve always been used to weekly collections, it might take some adjustments for the bi-weekly collections. If you are going over, where do you store your rubbish? You can’t store it outside as the foxes will rip it apart. We use to fill up our black bins full each week, when we got he bigger recycling bins this helped, and the brown bins also now help so we’ve managed ok.

Once the bins are overflowing I think they are normally not collected, however I hope for the next few weeks they will be. I’m not sure what people are supposed to do in this circumstance to get rid of the rubbish.

I have a bit more sympathy for the bins in the photos above than I might normally. I would not leave my bin like that but different people have different circumstances and you can get caught up, especially the first few weeks of a change.

And as I have posted in this tread we are still waiting for our food bins!

As an aside I like the system they have in Paris I witness this year. One day (each week I think, maybe each month) you can leave whatever you like pretty much outside your house on the street and it’s collected (furniture, mattresses etc). I think some is recylced by people taking it, but I think it also reduces flytipping for some items. It does not look amazing all the time I’m told, but seems to work well.