Charity Christmas Trees in the hood

There is one called Kings Christmas Tress all proceeds got to the Jericho Foundation. Various pick up points.

Does anyone know of any others? This one has limited collection days.

I think Shannon’s do it every year but I’ve struggled to find details on how their deliver (and collection which is just as helpful) works.

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Hi Dan, We do offer free local delivery or you can collect as you mentioned. If you need your tree delivered then you come to the shop and pick your tree and we will arrange delivery once you are here. Sometimes it is the same day(depending on time you come in and demand!) - sometimes next day or a mutually agreed day on a later date. Most of our delivery of trees are left discreetly in the front of house so you don’t need to be in. Our trees are now in and we are open 7 days. We are just in the process of updating our website and hope to have a pinned post on here later in the week but details were posted on twitter yesterday. If you need any more information you are welcome to give us a call or email.
Shannons Garden Centre


Just to clarify my earlier post they don’t do collection. :frowning:

They’re still delivering a very nice, well priced tree though!