Community Roadwatch / Learn more at Perry Vale Assembly

Our opportunity to let drivers know that “20’s Plenty!”

A representative from the group Twenty’s Plenty, who has been involved in setting up Community Roadwatch groups in Southwark, as supported by the Met and TfL, will be at the Perry Vale Assembly this Thursday to explain how we can do something similar here.

Community Roadwatch gives local residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams, and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles in their communities. Warning letters will be issued where appropriate, and the information can help to inform the future activity of local police teams.

The Assembly is from 7 - 9 pm at Forest Hill Methodist Church, Normanton Street, SE23 2DS

More of what will be happening at the Assembly here

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I remember we had a great discussion on Community speed watch a few months ago.

But then Lewisham implemented the 20mph limits, and given how unpopular these are, I suspect there will be less enthusiasm to join any community speed watch scheme now.

I certainly wouldn’t get any pleasure out of chastising people for driving at 25mph.

Depends whose side you’re on

Very popular with me, and other vulnerable road users

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Live on my road and you wont be chastising them you will be chasing them down and bludgeoning them. :rage:

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