Community speed checks

I am sure I am not the only one, who over the years has become alarmed by the speed some cars drive at down residential roads, as well as the additional risks they take when trying to hit the next traffic jam as fast as possible.

Church Rise for example. Blind crest and junction at the top of the hill when taken at speed, which it frequently is. At the other end by Waldram Park Road, there is a nursery, which is pretty hard to miss with its fence of pencils.
Yet every day, the road becomes not just a race track, but a slalom, as the very important people passing through the area weave down the road swerving between the speed cushions, as they speed towards the stationary traffic joining the A205.

During this time parents are trying to safely get their children across the road into the nursery, as well as many local residents walking their children to the local schools. The fact there have not been a number of accidents is pure luck rather than a balanced existence.

On really busy days when the traffic joining Waldram from Church Rise starts to get really backed up, traffic will then opt to ignore the island splitting the two directions of traffic coming out of Church Rise, drive down the outside of the queuing traffic, and start merging onto Waldram from the wrong side of Church Rise. Needless to say, again another accident waiting to happen, and again, all right outside the nursery.

So I wondered…
Other boroughs in London and counties all over the UK run “Community Speed Check” programs. I am pretty sure some have been done closer to home over time.
My question to SE23 is, are YOU willing to participate in such a program. Give up a couple of hours here and there, to try and kerb this behaviour, and send a small but powerful message out to motorists who use our streets?

I am not just talking about Church Rise, but many of the other roads which experience similar problems. I am not sure if the police funding is even there to support this sort of thing, but we can only ask. But before asking, I thought I would ask on here first to see if it even gets the thumbs up and a handful of volunteers to make it viable.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks for reading.

PS, just to be clear, such programs do not involve you trying to stop vehicles or confront anyone, just record speed and details of vehicles. They then receive an official warning letter.

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I much prefer this idea to cameras, which drivers look out for (dangerous), or slow down temporarily for. “Community Speed Check” means bad drivers will always feel paranoid that they’re being watched, and I like that.

Far better than humps, which are bad for the environment (start/stop driving), damage cars and damage neighbouring properties because of ground tremors.

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Glad you like it Chris. Hopefully we can get together a small group who feel the same way.

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This looks to be a helpful resource:

Any thoughts from @met_police_uk on whether this is viable in Forest Hill / HOP?

Could apply for assembly funding (up to £2500) for equipment :+1:


Recently, a community road watch event was arranged with Lewisham Council’s Road Safety team and the Met Police Safer Transport Team,which focussed on Honor Oak and Crofton Park. I wanted to be involved, but was working at the time.

Apparently, it was an opportunity to have ago using the speed device and recording the information required for the letters to be sent out to any drivers travelling over the speed limit. I think it was arranged by the Hopcroft Forum and the We Want a Safer Stondon Park & Brockley Rd Facebook Group. Liz Brooker is the council officer responsible for Road Safety in the borough. She may be the one who can set this up with the Met Safer Transport Team if Forest Hill folk are interested in doing something similar.

Kind regards



Wow, thanks for all that information @Taoschno

I have contacted Met Road Safety about this, and am waiting to hear back. I really do hope we can sort something out.


Message from Sgt Phil Moore of @ForestHillSNT

So now to take the next step and see how to get involved. Any ward panel members here?

Hi Michael, we regularly complete speeding initiatives across both wards and on occasions invite ward panel members to come along with us to get an insight as to how using a speed gun works and how effective it can be to help motorists from speeding.

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Yep Michael, me & @Michael are :slight_smile:

I’ve not attended one of these, maybe Michael has.


Are we discussing this at our next “meet up” @chrisbeach & @anon64893700sn ?

We can definitely discuss this, of course, particularly if there’s a plan to make members aware of, and something they can get involved in.

I’m a bit hesitant to set a formal “agenda” for the meetup because I think the best discussions are those that come up naturally at the time, and we can do all the formal discussion here on the forum.

Also I think the FHTA and Forest Hill Society are better placed to organise formal meetings on particular local interest topics, would you agree @Michael?

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Interesting. PC Hill and I are in conversation about an incident I had last Friday on one way driving. Speeding is another aggravation of mine. Living on a 20 mph rat run I constantly see speeders. Lived there since 2001 and have seen 1 speed trap in that time. Count me in.


Thought you might like this @Londondrz
Might do my own informal observations one day when I am free :slight_smile:

As for who should front the action. By all accounts according to @ForestHillSNT , these happen locally already, so it is just a matter of formally raising it with the ward panel. So a few names behind the request, and a formal request should get it under way nicely, as it is an ongoing concern.

Happy to add this to the next FHTA meeting agenda & @Michael is also invited to these, Also myself or Michael could speak to Michael (Hill) about it being discussed at the next ward panel meeting :slight_smile:


@Pauline PC Hill is such a nice and helpful person. Please give him my regards.

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Would be quite fun (but possibly unethical) to post pics with the speed readout into the forum to shame bad drivers… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Given photography in a public place is quite legal there is nothing stopping us posting photos. However, unless we can be sure that they are speeding I wouldnt. Going the wrong way down one way roads and parking on zig zags outside schools is a separate matter. If you have the bandwidth and storage I can start posting those on here now :grin:


Much more what I had in mind @Londondrz

If you stand at the lights on London Road by FH station with a camera I can guarantee you will capture at least 2 drivers going through red at every light change.

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Will do, Michael & his team always pop in to say hi when they’re passing & give updates on anything the traders need to be aware of, they’re all a really nice bunch & little Amie likes lollipops so I see her the most, she can talk as much as me so if she has a few minutes in between jobs we have a quick natter :joy::joy:

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