Could this forum succeed where others failed? [May 2016]


Me too - I’d rather like to defend myself and this site on the “Ignore List” thread, where a number of porkies have flown around - but I’m unable to.

Oh and new accounts require personal approval from the owner (you have to email him with your desired post). Extraordinary!


Welcome @DevonishForester. The main aim around here is to be transparent and fair. We have a team of mods who can be summoned as if by magic when @moderators is included in a post but in general we try to moderate with as light a touch as possible. The exception is political discussion which is whisked away into Politicos, which is an opt-in group separate from the main forum. Any questions - ask away! Have a mooch around and let us know what you think.


We now feature in the #2 spot for Google searches on “SE23” and “SE23 forum” - having recently risen from #3. Tantalisingly close to the top spot.

If you run a website, blog, social channel etc, you could help our forum by linking to us (

Can’t wait to make the next #announcement::tag :blush:


No. 1 when I search se23.

Shame its not the official forum though. :wink:


Excellent to see, thanks. This is what I see, too - but only when logged into Google (it’s a result personally tailored for me by the Google hive mind).

If you log out I suspect you’ll see at #2, which I think is what most of the public will be seeing.


I get two hits for TOSS, followed by this forum. TOSS results are 1. the homepage and 2. the SE23 specific page.


I get the same when I search for SE23 Forum.


As a complete aside… I always chuckle when I google Amazon Fresh that this is the first listing which comes up.




Pleased we’ve broken the local record among SE23 forums: had 42K visits in the last month:

This equates to a very healthy 183K page views:


Go forum!


Hi Chris - credit where credit is due - you’ve done a great job with the forum and thanks to the moderators as well for keeping the place amicable -always a tricky balance.


I see your closest rival is now claiming 50k visits per month…


I saw that. Up 10,000 overnight, quite an increase! :smile:


What are the rival sites?


If you search for “SE23” in Google and scroll down past the #1 spot, you’ll see our competition :slightly_smiling_face:


The algorithms are pretty mysterious and murky but as I understand it, Google is so personalised now that different people may see different top results. Factors like your location, search history etc can affect what comes up. I’m not a techie expect, just know a bit about SEO.
PS are people really still looking at TOSS?!


What I find really surprising is that local businesses (eg Matoom) are being persuaded to spend £35-90 per month to advertise to the tiny audience of that forum.

Is there a local SEO / online ads company that’s in partnership with TOSS I wonder?


Some probably think they are advertising here, on the forum where there has been so much discussion about new local businesses.


Winkworth now include the forum in their property listings (using an excerpt from @saretap’s Metro article).


Nice one! :+1: