Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]

Here is a message I received via the GLA

there will be changes in our bus services from Monday 29 January until mid-March . This is due to the closure of Dartmouth Road while London Borough of Lewisham carries out renewal works.

Bus route 122 will be diverted in both directions via London Road, Sydenham Rise, Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale, not serving Dartmouth Road.

Bus routes 176 and 197 will be diverted in both directions via Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale, not serving London Road (east of Sydenham Hill), Forest Hill station or Dartmouth Road. Customers for National Rail or London Overground can change at Sydenham station instead of Forest Hill station. Customers going to the town centre can change at Lordship Lane to / from route 185 or in Kirkdale to / from route 356.

We are posting notices at the bus stops in Dartmouth Road, directing customers to alternative stops.


From the FH Soc website.

Blockquote Phase 5 – will commence on 09/01/18 on Dartmouth Road, between A205 and Round hill Rd will have new Granite Sections installed into the carriageway. A road closure of Dartmouth road will be in force to through traffic for 6 weeks to enable the works to take place. The Granite sections will be built in localised road closures, to allow access to shops and facilities via either end of Dartmouth road. A letter and local engagement will be sent out 3 months in advance of works.

Blockquote Phase 6 - will commence on the 07/02/18 on Dartmouth Road, between A205 and Round hill Rd, the carriageway will be resurfaced . Works will be completed over approximately 3 nights and involve a full road closure for the three nights. A letter and local engagement will be sent out 1 month in advance of works.

Now clearly either they’ve fallen behind or are going to do the resurfacing over three nights along the whole of Dartmouth Road which needs resurfacing over three nights in Feb?


I’ve heard they are about 6 weeks behind.

The good people of the Forest Hill Society have said today that the closure will start from Monday:

I think that’s fairly disappointing news for those trading on Dartmouth Road. Since January is generally quieter it’s the least worst month for road closures, but they’re going to be seeing reduced traffic through most of the first quarter of the year now.

I think we all need to use Shanks’ Pony and support our lovely local businesses.


Unless they are keeping open the side roads, as far as I am aware no road closure notices have been issued for the adjoining streets to Dartmouth Road.

@Pauline mentioned to me signs were going up tomorrow.

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Signs were up tonight saying the road was closed for 6 weeks from the 29th/Monday

Information on the bus diversions from TFL:

Routes 122, 176 and 197 are on diversion until 10th March due to works at Dartmouth Road, SE26. Route 122 diverted via London Road, Sydenham Rise, Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale both ways. Routes 176 and 197 unable to serve Forest Hill Station and diverted via Sydenham Hill and Kirkdale both ways.

I wonder whether the 122, 176 and 197 will stop at the bus stops on Kirkdale?

They should yes, so the nearest stop to Dartmouth Road would be the one near the Tesco Metro on Kirkdale.

On the plus side all those school kids who get on the bus at Sainsbury’s and get off 2 stops later on Dartmouth Rd can have a bit more exercise.


Latest update I got as of Friday is that D Rd closure tomorrow will be from Dartmouth Place (Road between Hair Lounge & the Chinese) to Derby Hill (opposite from Your Eyes Only DVD shop) so access to D Rd should be available via Derby Hill from opposite FYEO downwards & from Thorpewood Avenue to access D Rd up until Hair Lounge, Chinese, Kebab Shop etc.
And from the other side of the Road. Dartmouth Place (Hair Lounge & Chinese on either corner) & Clyde Vale, the side Road between ALDLife & Twist Studios/Wild Horses & Crazy Man Crazy Vintage Shops.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Pedestrian access is as normal through all of this, so no need to shy away from strolling to the local shops & businesses during this period :+1:


Couldn’t agree more Dave, thanks for gunning for us local traders :slight_smile:

January does tend to be our quietest month, but on D Rd we’ve had a quiet last 6 months & probably another few due to the works. Though hopefully all will flourish when all is done and dusted :+1:

Hello all,

Could someone tell me when the roadworks will be completely finished? I was told Spring but if someone has a specific month that would help me deal with the relentless drilling. I work late nights in a restaurant and being woken up at 7 ish every morning is really taking its toll - I’m sure I’m not the only one who is beginning to crack!

Any info appreciated - had a scroll just now but can’t see a deadline date.


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They say 10 March, but no way will they finish it in 10 days. I too, am fed up to the back teeth with it. The constant nose, from 7am in the morning, drilling, and beeping from lorries reversing, and the absolute hassle of having to faff around getting buses to lordship lane and wasting time waiting in the morning in the morning. I am disabled and have spent a fortune on taxis as I find it difficult to walk far or stand for long. Wouldnt mind, but it looks likea complete eyesore outside the job centre and Syvan Post. Those huge tree planters are just going to end up as huge litter bins, like the planters at the station.

…not to mention them forming a nice comfortable spot for the town’s street drinkers

I have been assured that the road will open by 12th March.
I guess I have my fingers crossed a bit, but there does seem to be quite a few workers working on it.


Glad I am not the only one thinking this way.

I’m looking forward to it on a nice summer’s day.


And the Carling Special Brews are on me!

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I think you can but six for a fiver at the off licence across the road.