Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]



… how it flows

which makes me think of an earlier post about updating of water pipes under the new road. There’s been a classic leak running for the last few days at the London Road end. I’m sure someone is doing something about it though I’ve not seen any water repair type vans around.


It doesn’t matter what the road and parking designs are, people will still park selfishly. At least you are getting a really nice around to walk around in.


I wonder if they are changing some designs as notices have gone up on the lamposts about traffic calming measures on side streets, parking spaces and restrictions on junctions, seems a bit late (although in keeping with the project :neutral_face:) if they are finishing next weekend.


Hi @MajaHilton
Is the estimate for these works and breakdown of cost in the public domain at all?
Or would I have to go through FOI?


I would think that the works amounts are/will be in the public domain. Certainly all expenditure ove £250 is published (it may be a bit difficult to add it all up per project) on a monthly basis. https://www.lewisham.gov.uk/mayorandcouncil/aboutthecouncil/finances/council-spending-over-250/Pages/default.aspx

There would be no design changes at this point. I had asked to review where the new trees would go, and was told that they would be straight replacements as any changes to the design at this stage were not possible.

Contingency was not fully spent, so were not over the budget but it was now very low.


According to https://lewisham-consult.objective.co.uk/file/3715291 the funding comes from TfL - I’d expect their accounts to be transparent.


If I remember correctly the funding from TfL was approx £600k spread across 2 years.

In comparison the changes to Sydenham High Street cost around £3m about five years ago.


Bang-on as usual Michael!


Does anyone know why the burst pipe in Dartmouth road is now a pond and a river and has been for about three weeks. Can it not be stopped?


What’s the latest on the road re-opening? No trains this weekend are the buses an option to get to Sydenham?


I know that there is a rail replacement bus service on Sat/Sun. Today and Saturday the 122 and 171 is diverted as one side of Brockley Rise is closed (Thames Water repairs by the Jenner Practice) and they are diverted through HOP, missing the centre of Forest Hill and going to top of Kirkdale and thence down to Sydenham. Perhaps that is what the rail replacement buses will do.


Thank you for this


How’s the traffic flowing now that the road’s got it’s shiney new tarmac surface?


Not open and no tarmac yet.


I reckon another couple of weeks. There are now a quarter of the workers. It is a bit of a joke. One worrying thing though - the bus stop outside the jewellers says that it will also be a stop for rail replacement buses. Replacement buses always wait for 10 mins or so after the train arrives at the station, and normally wait in London Road etc. There is nowhere for them to wait in Dartmouth Rd…


Seeing how often rail replacement buses are called into play at Forest Hill, maybe they should lose some of the forecourt parking, reshape the planter a bit and have a bus stop on site.


And lose valuable parking revenue? Oh heavens no lol.

I agree totally with you mate.


Having used the replacement buses this weekend they didn’t pass through Forest hill central to catch one you needed to be at stop T past Horniman down the hill. Really convenient!


The bus stops at the bottom of Honor Oak Road? They’re not really capable of having loads of passengers from Forest Hill waiting for the bus.

I suspect what happened today was that passengers just got the 185 and filled them to the brim.


Curtis had to wait for Thames Water to fix the water fountain at the end of the Road by Bunka & opposite.

He told me it was fixed by them eventually last Friday, so all steam ahead now hopefully :+1::+1: