Dartmouth Road Closure [Now Open]



Going back to the planters & the flowers/trees that have been planted, I checked about how these would be looked after to keep the Rd looking nice.

They will be maintained for 2 years, though the green circular bushes apparently need a lot of attention.

I don’t have a clue on plants etc but spoke to a few that do including the fab Quetta that looks after what FHSoc plants around FH.

Myself & Zoe from @TheArchieParker will make sure the planting outside the job centre are watered & I’ll ask the Sylvan Post to do the same outside them, we’ll also remove any rubbish when we can & Quetta has said she’ll help when she can too.

It would be great if anyone sees rubbish in these planters when passing if they could remove it & bin it please.


Maja @MajaHilton I’ll meet you on Wednesday evening at 7.15.

Where shall we meet on D Rd, Library & work down?


“I am aware of the snagging list, but I will welcome anyone to meet me on Wednesday 7.15pm to inspect work done at that point. Although the Tarmac will be laid, area in front of Forest Lodge will still be work in progress.”


Do we have any surveyors or experienced large-scale construction people who might be able to help Maja and Pauline with this please?


YES PLEASE, if any locals work in this area it would help massivly!

I will obviously take notes and share, but I am not clued up on this kind of work :slight_smile:


To be honest, because of the length of time it’s taken to get this far, you forget excactly what it was like before but, aesthetically, yes, I think it’s a massive improvement.
The paving slabs and block pavers are way nicer than the standard local authority standard issue stuff, most of which was cracked and uneven anyway.
Then there are the areas outside Heron House and the Sylvan Post with massive raised granite planters and street-socialising areas, which are kinda nice (I suppose).
I was always shouting out about the oppressive and overbearing trees outside the SP, so the new Silver Birches, for me, add a huge breath of fresh air to that space.
It’s such a shame that the area has had to suffer so badly for so long to get these improvements though.


I agree Mr

So many traders are suffering and it scares me the amount that are.

Thank god you are my landlord, I love you to bits & I don’t mind saying that.

You can tell me off all you like but I’ll still say the same.

You are a diamond Mr Man , and yeah I love you to bits as a person & a father figure to me, you are ace dude :heart:️:heart:️


Library end sounds good place to start from. See you there.


By using it more Council can offset small loss of revenue to support local businesses. If no increase in short term use is noticed it is hard to argue that free parking is needed to support local businesses.


Cool Maja, see you there :slight_smile:

I’ll bring some sweets for the walk down the Road & some squash we can have at the library if we need to write notes afterwards :slight_smile:


They said the road would be open on Thursday. Does anyone know the new invented date, because it will take a miracle if it opens this week. This awful for local traders.


Wednesday is the day I have & the Road is due to have tarmac laid tonight and tomorrow night.

Will get an update tomorrow :+1:


This whole exercise sounds like a repeat of the Ladywell street enhancements, even including existential threat to businesses due to work delays. There were a number of naysayers about the finished product there too but I do think that it has had, and continues to have, a regenerative impact. I think it very likely this will do the same for Dartmouth Road.


This ‘snagging list’… is it internal to the contractor or is it public? Have the numerous comments / complaints made on these pages been incorporated into it and marked as things to be looked at? Obviously this is ‘just’ a forum and not an official channel so I wonder if it’s a case of anything said on SE23 stays on SE23?


The snagging list is created by the representatives of the contracted parties - normally led by the client’s agent (the client pays the bills after all) and must be satisfied that work conforms to specification and standards.

In some cases where the client’s agent is aware in advance of publicly stated concerns, these points may be addressed during the snagging process.

The publication of this list almost never happens…


Was any new road surface laid last night? How’s it looking, if so?


Ha ha! You’re optimistic aren’t you? Give it another month. Don’t know why people bother asking the contractor company, they just say the first date that comes into their head!


No Tarmac has been laid on the Road yet, there is also another issue with pipes that need to be checked before being covered.

So @MajaHilton are we still going ahead tomorrow evening or do we wait until the tarmac has been laid?



Yes @Pauline, let’s still meet
I was not going to inspect the road surface, but what has been done on the pavements so far.


Okay, see you at the library at 7.15pm x


Is there somebody that we can contact at Lewisham Council to become involved in this saga? It is absolutely disgusting the way this is dragging on. It is beyond inconvenience for local residents, and seriously affecting the local traders. Business may be closed as a result of Kiers inaction. Does anybody have a contact number or email for the contractors?