Dartmouth Road Event Saturday 10th March - Updates

Hi All

After a brief meeting with @emmad of @GemsPerformingArts today we have decided to concentrate on coordinating a massive weekend event on the last weekend of the Road closure on D Rd.

We are having a meeting on Friday to go over a basic programme & we will then contact traders & post on here to see who else wants to get involved, either by helping us, joining in or creating other events on this weekend.

Our basic idea is that the Saturday will be for all - adults, families etc & we want to create one hell of a street party - with an area for performances, DJ’s, music acts etc. So if any budding musicians want to perform do get in touch.
The Sunday will be dedicated to kids, so will be lots of family fun here.

Rather than spliting the events over a 6 week period, this will create lots more going on over one weekend - Plus it will be a celebration of the new D Rd which will be completely finished and open for all to enjoy the day after.

This has come about as the final weekend of D Rd being closed will mean most of the Road will be closed to vehicles though not people having fun so that the tarmac can have a bit more of a rest before vehicles drive on it from the Monday.

The date is probably going to be the last weekend in Feb, first week in March - though I’ll have the exact date by the end of this year.

We’ll post our first schedule over the next few days & all are more than welcome to suggest, add, or get involved.

Should be fun :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Sounds like busy times @Pauline @GemsPerformingArts with multiples going on. A real weekend bonanza! On Dartmouth Road. Will there be a no heels :high_heel: on the Tarmac?
Look forward to updates!
Thinking …

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Would be great to have a “Maths Mad” workshop on the kids day if you’re up for it :+1:

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Brilliantly demonstrating why Dartmouth Road has been included in this list - weekend festival sound sheet great, thank you!


Thanks for your post, very much appreciated.

After our meeting this evening, anyone care to help with the following for the overall event initially:

Here’s our first call out.

" Dartmouth Road will be closing for refurbishment for one weekend over march so we are taking this opportunity to create a special event for Forest Hill! We want to host a 2 day street party on the Saturday and Sunday (exact dates TBD) and we want all the local community to get involved. We are calling all local creatives and businesses to join us on Thursday 26th October for an initial meeting to discuss ideas for the event . Would you like to run a workshop? Promote your business ? Are you a musician or performer?

In particular we are looking for locals to help with:

  • Designing a flyer / poster
  • Helping to market the event
  • Volunteers to help on the day
  • Sound technicians to help with the live music etc

Any local businesses please do get in touch whether it is to run a free workshop or have a stall.
We want to create a fantastic street party that everyone in Forest Hill can enjoy on this very rare occasion!

Pauline & Em

Facebook page has now been created.

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How long will Dartmouth Road be closed for?

@InTheNightGarden - related topic: Dartmouth Road Reconfiguration

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Sections will be closed during 5 of the last six weeks of the works, though it will only be the last week the whole/most of the Rd will be closed to traffic - the Rd will never be closed to pedestrians at any time :slight_smile:

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I am a local pro DJ that has a small P.A system I store at the Bird in Hand pub. Id love to set up and play some music somewhere on the street.


Brilliant, hope to see you at our next meeting Thursday week (26th October) venue TBC :slight_smile:

I’ll be there.


Our next meeting will be:

All are more than welcome to join us if you want to be involved in anyway.

We hope to see some of you there.

Pauline & @emmad

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I will be there to discuss providing some musical entertainment.
Robert Smith

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It would be great to get some of the local amazing foodies with stalls or at the very least encouraging people to eat in their restaurants!


I agree, though you need to apply & pay for a license if you have more than a few stalls - I will be looking into this if we get some funding, though at the same time I would only encourage extra food stalls that won’t compete with existing food traders that have shops/businesses on D Rd.

Existing shops/businesses pay rent, business rates etc day in day out & some are suffering financially due to the works going on. I think they all deserve to get the extra business to try & pull back income they may have lost due to the works over a long period of time.

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What is the actual planned date of the event @Pauline? I can’t see it on this page or on the Facebook page and it would be good to start getting publicity out for it. Sorry but I have no I idea when the works are supposed to be ending but I have no idea when the last weekend of the road closure will be!!

At present it is the first weekend in March, but I will know exactly by the end of this year :slight_smile:

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Perfect. So plenty of time to plan and early in Spring!

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Some good news re funding for this at a LC assembly coordinating meeting I attended tonight :slight_smile:

We have been awarded £1250 from Lewisham Council Assembly funding which will cover the cost of the marquee & stage set up for the entertainment.

@Michael was also at the meeting & we will work with FH Society on this event to make it the best we possibly can.

So now we only have to raise £500-£1000 to be able to pay for what is needed to make this amazing

The more hands we have on deck to help in anyway the better, so a reminder of our next meeting is:

Hope some of you can make it,