Dartmouth Road Event Saturday 10th March - Updates



Even more potentially good news re funding today!

I had a chat with Curtis (the chap that’s overseeing the D Rd Improvements) today & he will be asking Kier (The construction company carrying out the works) to fund the remaining amount needed for the overall events - he sees no reason why they shouldn’t as they’ve done this for other areas when requested :slight_smile:

So it’s looking like we’ll have all funding needed in place thanks to Curtis, Lewisham Council Assembly Funding, and @Michael Forest Hill Society :+1:

It would be great to have a few more hands on deck to help us organise the events, so hopefully we’ll see a few new faces at the meeting tomorrow evening :slight_smile:


Excellent News!! Good Job👍


Thank you :slight_smile:

SEE3 have also been in contact today to offer help.

Pop by for a chat soon :+1:


This is still going ahead & the final date is Saturday March 10th.

Sorry I’ve not posted any updates recently as I only got the final date confirmed last week & am mega busy getting everything put in place.

Massive thanks to @Michael & @GemsPerformingArts for working on this with me.

And another massive thanks to @HornimanMuseum for working with us to bring the Saturday Farmers Market to D Rd for the day.

Lots will be going on, and I’ll post more soon.

In the meantime if anyone is up on graphic design & would like to help design flyers/posters please let me know, think that’s the last thing I need help with.

Also would this be a good day to either start or finish the FH Mural @Lionel & @ChrisBeach so something could be incorporated within the advertising of the event :slight_smile:


Getting Horniman’s Saturday Farmers Market down to Dartmouth Road for the day is a massive coup and a great one-off opportunity for the shopkeepers to sell themselves to a wider captive audience.

Again, effective promotion of our two 2 hrs FREE car parks will help to demonstrate to visitors how easy it is for them to come to the town and have a leisurely browse around the shops and stop for a bite to eat, a coffee, pedicure or even a perm - okay, that was a bit 80s so let’s say a set of highlights.


Check out our event and please tag as coming if you are friends with myself or Michael on Facebook.

I’ve done this one

And @Michael has done this one


It’s been a busy time for us but we are almost done with our preparations WOOHOO!

And I get to choose the bouncy castle :slight_smile:

We should be done with our final arrangements by Monday.


Nice teamwork @Michael :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


I’m a graphic / animator designer. Let me know if you still need someone to design a poster.

Will pop into Sugar Mountain on Monday with Cherie to have a chat about doing a stall / kids crafts.



Make it Tuesday as Monday is my day off - I should be finalising everything tomorrow.

Email me sugarmountain.info@gmail.com

Thanks so much.

P :slight_smile:


Hi Pauline,
Glad to see all going ahead! couple of locals said it had been cancelled.
Can you only get info on facebook?
Clair :lollipop::wink:


Sorry Claire I will get info out as much as I can, please spread the word!

And see FB pagess above x


This is not an easy job for me and.@Michael we have a lot to do with various others & have had a lot of applications etc to apply for.

In a nutshell we are bloody busy right now…

But it will be worth it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



In my opinion though, the Dartmouth Road Street Market and Party promotional ‘flyer’ shown on another thread needs to state in big letters 2 HOURS FREE PARKING IN PERRY VALE AND SAINSBURYS CAR PARKS so that people who’ve been aware of the road and traffic mahem don’t rule-out this great event as being inaccessible.


Here’s the final listings for the FREE workshops & activities at the marquee & stage area :hugs::hugs:

Marquee Events

Twist Studios Personal Training
12pm -12.30pm : Happy HIIT
12.30pm - 1pm : Funky Fitness
1pm - 1.30pm : Bootcamp Bounce
1.30pm - 2pm : Total Twist (Competitions)

Kids and adults of all ages and abilities welcome. Bringing the fun into fitness. Top Personal Trainers in London “The Evening Standard”

Gems Performing Arts
2pm - 3pm : Kids Street Dance Workshop and Parformance
3pm onwards : Karaoke Time

Gems PA is a local Kids Performing Arts Company based in Forest Hill & Sydenham


Our local FH Fire Fighters will be joining us with Fire Engine aswell as Lewisham’s Police Horses. Emergencies permitting!

Also @SgtBiddle team will have a stall on the day to chat about crime prevention & to meet the locals they haven’t already :slight_smile:


We are looking for some additional volunteers to help run this event. A small amount of help for this type of event can make it much more successful and makes sure everybody has a great time.

Duties include supervising the bouncy castle for part of the day, helping set up and take down some of the equipment from 8:30am - 10am and from 5pm-6pm, and general stewarding for part of the day. There is very little to learn, just a willingness to help out.

I also need one or two individuals with vans or estate cars, who would be able to help transport tables a small distance at set up and take down. It doesn’t take long - if we have large vehicles.

If you can offer please send me a message @michael or michael@fhsoc.com


What times will transport be needed - and from where to where?
I’ve got a van and might be able to do some moving but I help my son in his shop on Saturdays and Sundays so it might need a bit of juggling.
If it turns out that I can’t help personally, I’ll put up for a man-and-a-van if you don’t find another volunteer driver.

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Good man, @Anotherjohn :+1:


Hold on a minute!

There are so many people who give up so much of their time to help out around here; and this is minuscule (but nice of you to say so anyway).


Few as prolifically as you (and @Michael and @Pauline):



Mr, from Holy Trinity Church just up the Road to D Rd, but if you have a couple of fold up tables you can drop them to me anytime on the Friday for the following morning as I need an extra one for @SgtBiddle team without them having to worry about it.

You contribute so much & never take the praise you deserve - just take it you do so much - gonna get told off now ain’t I :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway can you keep your generator in your van JUST incase we need backup on power & a karaoke machine.

Got it covered but I know you have back up on both.

I won’t tell anyone you are amazing singing on the karaoke, pinky promise. Damn I’ve just told everyone now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: X

Doh I’m in trouble now :joy::joy: